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I've created a monster!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. And now i have to feed it!!

    Got home from work today...get inside, and the 1st thing i hear is.......

    "when can you get me another ride on a bike???"...."I want to ride"

    oh bugger. :roll: ... so now i'm in a tight spot because i'm not going to be allowed out unless there is a pillion seat for her as well :LOL: :LOL:

  2. im guessing ure talking about a girlfriend or wife???? :? best idea.... buy her a bike too :LOL:
  3. HAHA Drew, now when she gets her L's you will come home and find the bike and her gone! :grin: :LOL:
  4. That is so NOT happening.... She rides her bike!!....... when she gets one.

    Great to have a partner who likes bike too..
  5. just got told t o find another ride for the MRs...

    jokingly said i'll get "Hire a Harley"..

    Reply....."Don't want a Harley.....I want a FUN bike!!!" nice to know were all thinking the same way!! :LOL:
  6. I think I need to have a chat with you and your lovely wife... ALL bikes are fun!
  7. touche..... the comment was a great one though.

    Voyager, i have no problems with you or your cruiser (love the sound) they just aren't our cup of tea.
  8. Damn right
  9. i feel your pain drew
    my mrs is getting her bike licence soon too, and i have a strange feeling that my vtr will be with her on a permanent "loan" basis, when i get my firestorm.

  10. Just tell your woman that she is what she is and she will do what shes told.
  11. I know how she feels :shock:

    It's like an addiction. At first I kept calm by booking in for my L's, then attending the course, but now with no bike I'm going a bit stir crazy.

    At least I have my Netrider fix :grin:

    Good luck, Drew and Mrs Drew. You guys are going to have soooo much fun :p
  12. Careful what you say, there, Nicholas. There are too many 'other halves' here who ride/love being on bikes....there are lots of girls on bikes who'll beat you up for comments like that :wink:

    For those who don't know what Drew's talking about, look here.
  13. By the way, Drew.....that's AWESOME news!!!!! Go the monster!!!!!
  14. Looks like a GPX250 before they attach the rubber band engine.

  15. G'day everyone,......

    You should bring your other half to the spanna day!!
    Good to hear she would like a bike as well.

    Girls on bikes,......
    Lifes GOOD!

    Dr Who?
  16. there's nothing wrong with that. my x rode my gpx for a week cause i had his zx9. he worked at a bike shop and brought a new bike home each day and i would use it the following day and he would return it the day after that.

    his current girlfriend isnt that gutsy, she wont get on anything.

    when they were riding back to the ACT he pretended to have mechanical problems and pulled over. when she got off her bike he jumped on and rode off leaving her to ride his :grin:
  17. I thought he must have removed the fairing off a 600 SS.
  18. I said to my other half this afternoon "I think I'll take your bike out and blow the cobwebs out of it", to which she gave me "The Look", and said "Ride your own bloody bike - I've already blown the cobwebs out of mine"..

    I beat a hasty retreat and took mine instead.. :oops:
  19. So at what point of your life was your foot surgically attached to your mouth? You seem over eager to get yourself flamed with almost every post you make on here!
  20. he's just kidding. most fellas ant really like that.

    "stump! why and you at the door on your knees?"
    "im on the puter"
    "you know the drill when I get home!"
    "yes sir :oops: "
    "and dont be slacking off"
    "anything you say sir :oops: "
    "you know how i feel about dirty dishes, theres a dirty tea spoon on the bench!"
    "I'll fix it right away sir :oops: "

    um, i gotta go netriders. see you tomorrow