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I've been fishing again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Senior Citizen, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Serbs eh
  2. What does that mean?

    You trying to be funny?
  3. Your surname bloke

    why so defensive?
  4. I don't like it. I have been an Australian longer than you have been alive and I think it in poor taste not to mention racial to use such a comment. You may have asked me first if I minded.

    Kindly delete the thread or at least your post. I find it offensive.
  5. You find it offensive that you're Serbian? :) You'll need a thicker skin than that around here mate.

    Just sayin.

    Nice fish, what'd you catch em on?
  6. lol fair dinkum
  7. His first name is Brian - that's not Serbian.
  8. What has my ethnicity to do with you drongos?

    I was talking about fish!!!!

    If I need someone to tell me what my heritage is I will ask and I doubt I would ask you lot. So get off this crap.

    Talk about my fish or shut the F up.
  9. nice fish!!
  10. Drongos? I find that offensive. Delete this thread or at least your post Senior Citizen
  11. Look i'm a kiwi.. i've only been in aus 10 years moved here when i was 10 (20 now).. and i have heard all sorts of shit jokes from aussies about us kiwis.. from sheep f'ucker etc.. to other stuff.
    I've learned to ignore it.. and i don't think what was said to you was in any way offensive, he was asking if you're Serbian.. not being racist at all.

    I think you're trolling..
  12. Few nice Snapper there! Howd you end up cooking them? I am not a fan of Lemon on my Fish, but a light Garlicy sauce would prolly go well with the firmer flesh of the Snapper, I'd think?

    I do believe the Serb thing was more said in Jest: no need to get so frustrated to ask for the thread is deleted: the lads and laddettes here are a fairly light-hearted bunch, I'd not read too much into it. Also, being an "Aussie" for so long: you'd know it's customary to have a laugh at yourself, and others, as often as possible! Grab a beer, and relax, fella!
  13. If I am not mistaken I think Goz has Serbian roots too (read something in your Bike for Sale thread). I am guessing Senior Citizen has misinterpreted your first post and didn't realise you shared a common heritage.

    Then again.. I could be completely wrong :)
  14. I asked about your fish Brian, I find it offensive you ignored my question.


  15. Serbs tend to change their 1st name to fit in, Surname is Serb, 1st part of it means angel, theres no angels here though lol

    Brian, maybe i was asking you if you were Serbian cause Im a Aussie Serb myself, think you need to relax a bit bud, you wont get far in this place if you want to act like that
  16. Yeah, I know - maybe he started life as Branko?

    Meanwhile, back to fish .... fresh caught snapper is something else - wonderful fish. Unlike Choofalong however, I prefer my fish with lemon.
  17. Branko, Brane, Bratislav, who knows
  18. That fish looked greek