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I've been de-Deutsched

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  1. OzYoda submitted a new showcase item:

    I've been de-Deutsched

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  2. Noice.

    And your cylinder arrangement is slowly creeping back to a proper boxer format.
  3. Yeah, a transverse V-Twin. Looks cool with those cylinder heads poking out just in front of the knees :D
  4. nice looking bike mate I'm sure you'll enjoy :)
  5. Lovely bike.
  6. guzzi.
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  7. Nice one! :)

    I wish you very much joy of it.
  8. what a very nice beasty of bike you have Ozyoda!
  9. It looks niiiiice
  10. So that's the limited edition one with ....

    ummmm electrically adjusted windshield ... is that what sold you ? :D
  11. Its a black one! What other decision is there?

    You do realise it has, umm, a clock! and, umm, a temperature gauge (err, ambient, there's no engine temp gauge or light!). On the other hand, it does have a voltmeter, comfy seat and 1200ccs of fun!
  12. Where do you put the sat nav now? Nice bike...
  13. The black one does indeed look the best.

    Looking forward to seeing it at Homebush.
  14. very nice Chris! can't wait to see it in action! (y)
  15. I've pared down the Touratech mount a bit and placed it in about the same position as I had it before. Though I cant mount it the same way. I'm using the screw points for the clutch. Should be good. The wiring is the real challenge :banghead:
  16. Need to change your sig mate - Beemers Rule ;)

  17. Why? It's still true. :)
  18. It seems they don't rule Chris anymore though.
  19. Hopefully it doesn't become Beemers rule, Guzzi tool.