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I've been challenged

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Yes! Kick that old codger's arse!

  2. No! Experience beats youth anyday!

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  1. I've been CHALLENGED!! (long)

    In what can only be described as a fit of drunkness, I've been challenged to a race. By my dad's 58yr old best mate.
    Let me fill you in:

    Long weekend, up the river, drinking round the fire. As always when you mix guys over 55 & alcohol with young people & alcohol, the talk turns to bikes. Dad's mate (who is a top bloke & like an uncle to me) is going on about how when he retires (in 2 years) he'll be buying a VTR 250. I mention I had one as a loan bike while mine was getting a service & I thought they were great. I make the statement "they're pretty quick, but not as good as the Hornet!"

    Well - this get's dad's mate, who's name is Rev, rather wound up. See he's been drinking port mixed with vodka all night & is rather drunk. He starts going on about "back in my day" and "i'd be quicker on a 250 than you'll ever be on some slow arse 600". I reply with "i think you're underestimating the hornet.." and he starts going on about "a race to prove it then"

    I of course ignore him saying "sure old man..whatever" & not taking his bait. until he says "the reason you will lose is because girls are afraid to ride as hard as boys"

    Well that does it. "No fricking way..I will crucify you!"
    So he says "Well prove it then! When I get my VTR 250, I'll race you wherever you like & win."
    SO I choose - Chain of Ponds. Why? I live at the bottom of it & can practice a lot! lol.

    So the deal is struck - in 2 years, when he gets his VTR250, we shall race each other from grand junction rd to Gumeracha. This is a $100 bet here.

    Reasons I think I will win:
    He will be riding a 250 UP A HILL. I shall be on the Hornet 600. better acceleration!
    I have two years to practice & get used to the hornet's handling in the corners. he will be getting back onto a bike after spending 20 years off one.
    I have my new Keith Code book (thanks Loz, Eswen, Carver & Gowron!) and my dad to help me train up for the big day
    I am young & nimble - he is old & slow
    Rev has a reputation for falling off his bike. A lot. At slow speed.
    His bike is stock. mine is "fastified"

    Reasons he thinks he will win:
    The weight of the hornet plus me is 244kg. the 250 plus Rev = 216 kg.
    he believes he has fallen off so many times he knows his limits & will be scraping pegs the whole way up there
    He thinks he has the experience.

    Now as the night wore on & the alcohol poured it on the claims got more insane. now he thinks he can ride my Cb250 & beat my BF on his CB1300!!

    I seriously doubt that in 2 years this race will ever take place. his wife won't let him get a bike! lol.

    But what do you think - do I have a chance at kicking his arse?
  2. take it too the track with a lap timer.....

    and you can compare dick sizes all you want
  3. From the sounds of it I think you're safest making it a time trial... But why not? It's be a great laugh.... And *motorcycling* would be the winner.... :LOL:
  4. Ha ha ha, yes, best keep that stuff to the track, that way nobody gets hurt (well maybe a little). Dont underestimate the old blokes though!!! I've learnt that lesson!!
  5. edgelett you do what you have to, with stats like those I'm sure you will be dancing on victory lane before Rev even gets his bike started... particularly if he has had a few the night before. 2 years is a tonne of time to practise one road... make sure he lives up to his deal. if Rev doesn't get a vtr, hire one for him. :) Do it for team Netrider. :grin:
  6. Re: I've been CHALLENGED!! (long)

    Yes you Would certainly beat him hands down :biker:

    i am just a tad worried he may seriously hurt himself trying

    as you said
    Rev has a reputation for falling off his bike. A lot. At slow speed. :driver:
  7. FFS, take it to Mallala. not because there is more run-off, no trees, fences, potholes and other vehicles. But because there will be no excuses!
  8. I REALLY don't think this "race" will actually take place - just a bunch of drunk people blabbing on at night

    but if it does yes I will move it to Mallala
  9. Ooh, better leave personal vendettas and racing to the track, Tash.

    Take him to Mallala instead, I'd imagine you'd be devastated if you scratched your Hornet over a drunken bet.
  10. Yes. I concur with everyone else, Take it to the track, Less Variables.

    I would rather see this race take place at Mallala, that way we can watch your hornet kick the old mans ass from the grandstands and not miss a single section of the race.

    There is a plus as well with this, having the knowledge that you just beat him infront of every single SA Netrider, and that there are emergency services available if the old man passes out due to exaustion.

    And the fact that we can get it all on camera for your Hornet Memoirs.
  11. I know a couple of guys in Adelaide who probably could beat a Hornet up that road if they were on a VTR250. (they both used to race very seriously and still ride the hills daily :LOL:) I wouldn't put money on them to do so though. :wink:

    Having said that. you should be able to thoroughly thrash him if he hasn't ridden for a good few years :LOL:

    Take it to the track - not only is it a lot safer but you'll enjoy it a lot more when you lap him. :LOL:
  12. Hornets Rule
    That Is All
  13. This has been a community announcement.
    Spoken by Paul. Authorised by the Hornet Club Australia. :LOL:

    I'll put $50 on ya edgelett. But ya better win, that there is me eatin money.
  14. hahah nice work edgelette!

    just got ot gepps cross to richomond and race him in the gokarts as a bit of fun..

    no harm done ;)

    but i certainly woudlnt put money on a vtr 250 to beat the 600!
  15. Hard to say not knowing the riders . Dont be too sure about a 600 beating a 250 though. Nothing to do with girl or boy. Everything to do with the rider, especially on twisties.

    Its especially hard to say because , well , they are both hondas . They both look slow in the kwaka rearview :bolt:
  16. Honda raceing Honda :shock: Wake me up when you get there :p
  17. he's already won, because you dont have the will of the warrior. want a rematch? he wins again!!! :LOL:

    i used to frequently beat bigger bikes through twisties when i was on the wee bandit. dont put too much faith in the size of the bike cos it means jack schitte when you start taking corners, it'll come down to skill and how far you're prepared to push your bike (and its a lot easier to push a 250 to its limits).

    but racing hondas is like running in the special olympics, win or lose, you're still a honda rider :twisted:
  18. Why wait? Find a pocket bike track and do a few laps against each other.
  19. Coconuts - I'm glad to see you haven't lost your touch for making marvellously offensive posts. :LOL:

  20. IMO there's no competition!! I doubt if the guy could even beat you if he was on an R1! especially having not ridden for 20 years. My old man used to be a great rider, went through dozzens of bikes in his day, and after 20 years sat on my bike and said there's no way I can ride this! I don't care what anyone says, but having been off a bike that long won't make you an instant Rossi. If anything I'd be worried about him seriously hurting himself, I guess having him riding a 250 should slow things down somewhat.
    Did you talk to him about this race once he sobered up??