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I've become a car magnet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Over the last 2-3 day I must have had at leat 8 cars change lanes into me.

    Now I'm normally a pretty easy going bloke, both in life and on the bike.

    So these sorts of things normally don't bother me too much. They just seem a little more dramatic on the bike rather then in the car.

    The problem is, that of these 8 or so only 2 didn't keep coming after I sounded the horn and only 2 apologised.

    If another car pull across on me, keeps coming and doesn't apologise I'm not sure how I'm going to react. :mad:
  2. Cut in front and stop. Then turn off the bike, go to their window and scream at them until they get the point.
  3. Tap on their window. Slightly hard.
  4. I'm thinking of accidently knocking off a mirror
  5. I think it might be that season again not on my bike but in the last 4 days in my car people have been doing that no indicator no wave's to say there sorry no eye contact just in a world of there own
  6. what the one for d1ckheads that starts on January 1st and finishes on December 31st lol
  7. Go faster and put a lounder exhaust on. If they still try and squish you then do what was mentioned above.
  8. Yes I think thats the season Woodsy
  9. Car drivers are in a world of their own 99.9% of the time.
    Sounds like it might work, but I like the idea of "slightly tapping" their windscreen out. It makes the car/monstrosity undrivable, and if they try to abuse you for it, you can just turn around and say "What would you prefer: repairing a broken windscreen or paying my family for my funeral?"
  10. I hope i dont get flamed but when driving the car it is hard to see bikes when a rider is driving crazy almost doubling the speed limit weaving in and out the traffic.
    One mintue no ones around and next they go flying by you.
  11. No your right. And I usually allow for this and the fact that people do make mistakes and the fact that motorbikes are just plain unexpected.

    For that reason I'm ususlly pretty forgiving. But lately it's as though they know what they are doing and just keep coming anyway. I think they assume you are beeping the horn because you don't like that fact they have stolen your spot in the traffic. It hasn't clicked that you are beeping the horn to save you life.

    BTW these in these incident I was just cruizing along with the traffic, not ridng like crazy.
  12. yeah, i had a driver pull into the lane i was in without indicating a cple of days ago.

    fortunately for me i anticipated this: set-up, brake, press horn, shake head.

    at least he acknowledged his stupidity with a 'sorry' wave then proceeded to run a red. oh, if i caught up with him...haha...
  13. I realise u werent driving silly :)
    There no excuse when going at traffic speed when people cut into you.If driver used mirrors and did HEAD checks, im sure this would cut these incidents.
  14. I think you should all surrender you bikes to me - so i can "run tests" to see for myself.. LOL (wishful thinking)
  15. <sarcasm> A driver, needing to do a head check? That's what the mirrors are for... </sarcasm>
  16. Nyah...just blow it off and keep on going (with eyes wide open).
    Why...because yesterday, I inadvertantly made a RH turn and did'nt "see" the bloke on the pedal bike.
    No worries though, I stopped mid-turn in the middle of the road and let him go past.
    SUDDENLY....this peddly starts abusing me..."Why don't you open your farkling eyes, Ahole!", and how "I" should know better. (I guess he thought that I'm some kind of kindred spirit or something?)

    The long and ther short of it was, that HE looked like a total moron, abusing me in the middle of the busy shopping center, in front of all the pedestrians. I, on the other hand came off looking like an angel, because I did'nt do anything and just rode off casually.

    Better to appear like that, than the Moron method he chose methinks.

    (Of course...no one saw me double back around the side streets at warp speed - catch up to dipshit further down the road, and scare the bejesus out of him - after which I metioned to him that riding a bike at dusk in black clothing without a light or anything to help him stand out against the backdrop of headlights etc, is a sure-fire way of getting run over, and that he should kiss my Arsk, for being vigilant enough to spot him BEFORE I ran over the idiot.)
  17. Ummm wouldnt being in black against a backdrop of headlights guarentee being seen? Isnt that what we used to call a silhouette ?
  18. Heck no!

    Those high-visibility jackets you see in yellow aren't yellow for no reason. It's more easily viewable at night. Same with fire trucks (at least in the ACT).
  19. Shit.
    Grabs manual of infantry tactics of shelf.
    Hmmmmm says silhouette here.
    Nope sorry. I just dont believe an outine against headlights is invisible. And I know all about stealth. :)
  20. True as that might be, the brighter the colours you're wearing, the better chance you have of being seen.