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I've already posted without saying hello. oops

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    I'm Kevin and I only just read a posting requesting that new members post a hello.

    My first post was raving about my first bike. I put a deposit down yesterday. It's a Honda Spada. I even made some other postings as well. Originally, I was just a lurker, thinking that a bike, licence, etc was at least two months. I got into my pre-L within one week of booking because of a cancellation.

    I have also been roaming around a few bike shops and getting confused as hell. Well, I have my bike (being done up and made complaint to Aussie laws). Read the Bike Reviews/Thoughts to see my first post.

    After 3 months of frustrations (spending money on my girlfriends' needs instead of saving for myself). I finally decided that I must ignore her kids for a short time, be selfish and focus on my bike. I guess the research phrase was helpful for me. Her kids are shit (nah, they are really loving at most times.......) and I can't wait until the day I turn up to her place and say to the kids "You can't sit in my car and wreck it, like you have wreck your mum's car". I rarely let them sit in my car now. She told me several months ago that she will never let me ride a bike. So I haven't said anything to her. I hope that I don't talk in my sleep.

    Well, this is a hello. I live in Sydney, is there anything more I need to tell you about myself?
  2. Hello and Welcome

    Scary kids arrggh scary girlfriend arrgghh Quick get on ya bike a ride into the distance heheehhe
  3. Hi Faramir and welcome!

    Just a bit of a warning, you may get some negative responses with your introduction as there are quite a few members that have children and maybe wouldnt appreciate the negative tone you turned your post into...

    Each to their own,...
    Just my two cents worth

    Again, welcome and safe riding!
  4. Interesting name Faramir. LOTR fan of books or movies. Welcome to the forums - intersting challenges ahead. good luck
  5. Doubt I would get some negative reactions, I meant that in jest. Although I must admit I do get very frustrated and angry at times but I never yell at them or get angry with them. They have an abusive father, so they take their anger out on their mum and anything else. (That's why they have wrecked their mum's car). My car was also getting scratched, damaged, etc until I decide to keep them away from it. We are trying to get them counselling, etc. This is off the topic, it's a long long story. I hope that at the end of the day, the kids will grow up to be lovely people. I want this forum to be happy and we all ride bikes.
  6. Welcome Rider of Rohan. :LOL:

    You said: Well, this is a hello. I live in Sydney, is there anything more I need to tell you about myself?

    Well actually yes mate...are you stinking rich and do you give out unsecured loans over 100 year periods? :demon:

    Re the kids...got no time for rug-rats meself, too busy having fun and spending all my money on me. :grin:

    But: If you need advice on the mental aspects of the little terrors my friend Valorie in the USA is a Doctor in Psychology and specialises in children and young teens who have been abused by parents/adults.
    She will be happy to email info and advice to you should you need an expert's help for no charge.

    Cheers mate, see you on the road. (What part of Sydney?)
  7. Hmmmmm.......
    well, first off, welcome to the forums, I hope you don't treat us with the contempt that you treat your potential family. I'm so thankful your not my man, cos if I found out you'd told the world "HER(MY) KIDS ARE SHIT" I'd hate to think of the consequences.

    Being a product of a broken family, and then having to learn to accept a stepfather, who by the way is the reason my entire family ride bikes including mum(kudos Moz, your a fantastic example of fine manhood) I am well aware of how the dynamics of your situation work.
    They are not your flesh and blood, and never will be.
    If you can't comprehend the meaning of the word family, I suggest to you that you get on your bike and F#%* off as soon as you can and never look back, for their sake...and yours.
    No child needs to be raised in an environment where they are classified as SHIT, whether it is something you openly let them know is your opinion of them or choose to keep to yourself, I'm sure it shows in your actions regarding them, how you think effects how you act. And if these kids are lead to believe they are SHIT, they will think they are , and thus act like SHITS. Children are products off thier environments, just remember you too at the moment are a dynamic of that environment, thus influencing how these kids minds tick.

    Sorry if I sound all ho hum, but I know first hand the impact children suffer in these situations. They did not ask for you to come into their lives. Who are you to them anyway, just the bloke that is jumping their mothers bones, if you wanna get down to it, yes, in your eyes they may be little shits, but hey, your just a D%&K in the picture, if it wasn't you it would be someone else, it's all up to you how you go about it. You can go into it with the right attitude, or you can go into it with an asshole attitude, like you are displaying in your post......which reads as....I don't care about your family, your flesh and blood, I'm only gonna be here to share ya bed..not the burden of being the member of a family. Oh and BTW, I keep secrets from you(the bike) and put shit on your kids and how you raise them( don't teach them to respect the cars and not be SHITS)on public internet forums.

    Like I mean FFS, all it takes is for you to tell them to stop whatever it is they are doing in the car( probably just being happy little energetic kids), kids are kids, and mum's are mum's. If you think for one minute you will ever take precedence over the kids in her life...you are WRONG.
    Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox now.
    and on a different note, never let anyone tell you that you can't do anything just because "they said so" if you wanna ride, RIDE, your life, your choice. I would never let a partner dictate to me what I can or can't do. If they don't loveor respect me enough to allow me to fulfill and explore my goals and aspirations in this once only life that we get a bash at, then they are not the right one's for me.

    EDIT: I have since just read your post that you made while i was typing my post..LOL.... I sincerley do hope you were speaking in JEST.
    I also hope you were joking about your lady not letting you ride.

    EDIT: This post is now irrelevant and makes no sense, due to the fact the original post has been edited out. I hope I have not offended the OP it was not my intention, as I'm sure it was not there's either. :cool:
  8. You got kids Caz or is your only experience from being one?
  9. from being one..I am single and childless.
  10. Yeah I was an expert on kids also, then I had one!
  11. Are you sure you want every male on the forum to know that Caz?

    I can just imagine your PM box starting to fill up even as I post this. :LOL:
  12. LOL, I completely understand where you are coming from, I don't profess to know it ALL.
    ALL I know is what I have lived , and I lived in a family that split, and then had to deal with issues of my own regarding the breakdown, as well as have to cope with a stepfather. I was a shit of a teenager, looking back I gave both my Mum and Moz hell, but I don't think I was any worse than the rest of my peers at the time.
    I'm not here to pass judgement on anyone, we all do what we gotta do, and every situation is different, all I know is that broken families and step parents are issues that are common place in this world today, and it's the innocent kid's that are the meat in the sandwhich. Sometimes it all works out good, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it's no different than it was to start with.
  13. damn double post :?
  14. Welcome to the forums, feel free to come to the many dinners we have around this place we call sydney.
  15. except that you did pass judgement on his relationship with his partner, his relationship with HER children and with him as a person due to what little you knew about him. Thing with the written word is it allows no emotion or body language & it's so easy to read your own views into a post as was already pointed out to me tonite re one of my posts!
    I don't mean to offend but it's real easy to get on a soapbox on forums and I'm as guilty as anyone. However things can be so easily taken out of context by the poster, respondant or the reader!
  16. I do believe that the written word is often misinterpreted, and as has been pointed out since, the OP was written in JEST, although I did not see JEST, and neither did the first couple of responses.
    (maybe I'm tired, had a big night last night)
    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, whether or not it is interpreted as intended is another thing.
    As you have stated you learned tonight.

    I didn't reply to the OP in an attempt to cast judgement, if my post has come across that way, again out of context, another case of misinterpretation.

    Ya right, people read into things differently.
    I stand by my post, as Im sure you stand by your post that you mentioned, even if it was taken out of context by other readers, your original intent I'm sure was not as it was received, as was mine.

    taking things out of context is a two way thing...as you stated by both reader and writer.

    BTW, I am not offended :)
    as I'm sure the OP is not either.
    who knows..I may have been speaking in JEST too :p
  17. Well, not sure what to say without raising a few eyebrows. I want to ride a bike alone because it will be "me time". It's my own business and it doesn't affect them nor harm them. When they find out, they get a shock but they will soon understand that I have worked towards my goals.

    Secondly, I do not live with the kids and my gf but they do get very excited whenever I visit or stay over.

    I can tell you how last night I stayed up with a 8 year girl who was too scared to sleep and that she believed that monsters were around. Or how this morning the 11 year old boy (who can swear much better than most adults) abused his mum and the dogs. I can only smiled, wait for it to blow over and then calmly explain how it was inappropriate to swear at his mum and the dogs. He was very sorry. I have countless examples of things going wrong but I am no child expert. The only thing I can do is show them that some males are not violent, they don't get drunk and they know how to speak to people in a correct manner. Yes, they are not my family but my gf is doing her best trying to find positive male roles models for them.

    I really regret writing this post. At least my gf has made a decision to move on. One day the kids will also made a decision to move on and be thankful that their mum is great. I should delete this post.
  18. i wouldnt worry about deleting it mate, most people will see where your coming from and wont start telling you how to run life...but theres always 1 or 2 idiots who have to preach their BS because they "know best"
  19. As a stepfather of 3 boys and 1 girl, and natural father of 3 other boys, I can tell anybody who thinks it is all sweetness and light, that they have no bloody idea what they are talking about. I have a wonderful relationship with my stepsons, who like my own sons have all grown up and left home. My 17 yo stepdaughter is my pride and joy, but let me tell you, it took years of hard work. Rose tinted glasses get you nowhere, kids are capable of being horrible creatures, and sometimes need a firm hand. Anybody who thinks otherwise has no kids, and is due for a rude shock when they do have them..
  20. Jaqhama, Hate to correct you mate but faramir was borimir's brother and both were the sons of the steward of gondor, not a rider of the Rohirrim. Yes, i do need a life. After the rest of the posts on this thread i thought a bit light stuff might be due.