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iTunes Podcasts

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by SarcasticGamer8, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Just wondering who listens to them and which ones they recommend?

    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Josh Thomas and Friend
    The Ricky Gervais Show
    Hamish and Andy
    How Stuff Works - Stuff You Should Know
  2. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
    MMA Hour
  3. I used to listen to the Joe Rogan experience, stopped at about 104 or so. It's alright for entertainment purposes, but a lof of what Joe says is BS, even people on his forum call him out on it. I can't wait for the next JRE with Joey Diaz, supposedly him & Brian had a fight IRL about something and they hate each other now.

    I used to dislike Brian when I first started listening to the JRE because all he does is talk about iPhones & what not, like a Joe would go do a piss or answer the phone or whatever, and then Brian would randomly say '<guest> have you heard about this new iPhone app that can do XXXX', used to annoy me, his grown on me a bit though and I tolerate him now lol.

    Every now and again I listen to the MMA Hour but there's something about Ariel that I don't like but can't put my finger on, it's like he try's to antagonise the fighters a bit & can't accept no for an answer. Example, the latest MMA hour with Overeem, Ariel poked at Overeem to comment on big foot Silva a couple of times and Overeem didn't want to comment on it but Ariel kept pushing, and then a caller asked Overeem something about Silva and Ariel's like 'I agree' when Overeem said he doesn't like to talk about opponents in upcoming matches.
  4. JRE is my absolute favourite. My only issue is that a lot of topics are repeated. I haven't heard about the fight but will look it up now. Just got some Higher Primate T's too.

    I get what you mean about Redban. If you listen to any of the DeathSquad podcasts, he tends to play a lot of soundboard clips trying to be funny but it is only annoying and interrupts the conversation.

    MMA Hour is a bit unprofessional, especially with the listeners that call in and the awkward pauses throughout the show. But it is really good to hear from the MMA fighters on certain topics, Mitrione Minute is also good. It's easily the best MMA podcast.

    I have a desk job, so most of these podcasts get me through the day. Hence looking for new ones to add to the list.