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iTunes & PC = shithouse?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I have a PC, Pentium something or other, 3.2ghz, 4gb ram, Windows XP, yada yada, but I can't for the life of me get itunes to perfom...

    I won't recognise my iPhone most of the time, it forgets where all my music is & can't play a song consistently, ie it'll play 20 seconds, silence, 20 seconds...

    F*ckng annoying. Any ideas? MY CPU Usage is 2-8%, itunes is using between 20K & 170K of memory (firefox uses around 80K browsing netrider) I can't work out why it perfoms so terribly...

    Buy a Mac you say? F*ckoff.


  2. Tried reinstalling? Might be a corrupt install.
  3. Many, many times. Even tried rolling back to an earlier version of itunes... No luck.

    I just reinstalled the latest version & it picked up my iPhone, but it's unresponsive & still won't play a track.

    It's supposed to be a media player right? :-s
  4. iTunes was always crippled by being a media purchasing system as well as a media player. All tied up in a crappy interface and with restrictive DRM. A propensity to delete all your music on your player or PC or both, depending on how you stuffed up the settings.
  5. I just don't get how it can be so bad, it's not taxing my ram or CPU, the PC is behaving normally, I can surf the web, open files, etc etc, it just won't play back a song continuously...

    Foobar, hell, even WMP is far superior, if I could run the iPhone from one of them I would... Might need to look into that...
  6. there is an ipod plugin for foobar, dont use it but I know it exists
  7. To get iTunes working properly on my pc, I have to disable firewalls, disable anti virus programs and reboot.

    So my answer is 'yes, iTunes is shit'
  8. Use winamp, natively supports apple stuff. fyi, itunes on a mac is a completely different kettle of fish to pc
  9. iTunes is the reason I started to dislike Apple products. It is such a piece of shit.

    Get an Android device.
  10. I went from Mac to Windows to now Linux. iTunes was a pain in the ass. Some linux media players integrate with iPhones/iPods but it's not totally bug-free. Android is good for this though, just drag and drop onto the phone's memory card, the media player picks new songs up. Although I use (and prefer) android phones for this sort of reason, I still think the iPhone has the better, slicker interface. Not much between them now though.

    Did I mention that iTunes sucks ass?
  11. iTunes sh1t on anything? Oh - woe is me - tell me it ain't so!
  12. FDISK.
    Start again.
  13. Install Win7 :)
  14. iTunes sucks balls. Flick it and get media monkey.
  15. Give it the linux patch. Ubuntu has its own version of online music store and so on.
  16. I had the same dramas. What I did was buy an 1TG external hard drive and move all the songs onto that. So iTunes was on C drive on my PC but all the media files where located off the PC. Not too sure why it worked but it did?
  17. iTunes is a steaming pile, but you're likely stuck with it so lets try to fix your issues.

    Start with iTunes installed, but closed and your iDevice disconnected.
    Now disconnect your computer from the network.
    Now start iTunes and see how it behaves.

    What I'm trying to determine here is whether it is an internet related issue, seeing as your CPU and memory are OK.

    Let us know how it goes.
  18. Good advice.
  19. I'll check that out, thanks.

    I previously had a Nokia 5800 Music Express, unfortunately, their media player was a rebadged, slower shitter version of itunes ](*,)

    I could sync to it with WMP, but every few days or so it would crack the shits & I would have to reinstall all the music, I was constantly waiting for an updated OS that everyone O/seas got that fixed all the bugs, but we never got it... I got an iPhone because they're supposed to 'just work' What a joke.

    Tried it on a different PC with WIN7, recognised the phone & was able to update the OS, but lost all my contacts & media, & it would never recognise the phone again.

    itunes (or any media player) just needs know where the music is, all of mine is on an external hard drive, it works fine with every other media player.

    Cheers mate, I'll give it a try tonight.

    Thanks for all the input everyone! (y)
  20. iTunes & PC = No Hard Disk space.

    I just upgraded my iPad's OS to 5.1 and over 10gig of HD space has disappeared. Even removing the device backup files didn't help. WTF!