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iTunes is driving me iNUTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. So here's the scenario....

    After several unsatisfactory forays into the world of cheapo mp3 players, I relented and bought an iPod, despite my philosophical objections to having a piece of software getting between me and managing a device for which I paid and which I ought to be able to manage myself, thank you very much.

    To no-one's surprise, my objections have turned out to be even worse than I feared.

    I have thousands of 12" LPs, the favourites of which I have ripped to mp3 format.

    I have hundreds of CDs and I have done the same with them.

    I BOUGHT a programme called 'Tag&Rename' which has successfully identified all my music in the mp3 folders on my PC, tagged them appropriately, and allowed me to tag the ones which belong to no particular album but which live quite happily on my PC, and on my cheapo mp3 players, in folders which I have created and named.

    I like my music in the track order of the original sources, so on my cheapo music players, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how smart their firmware is, I have the tracks numbered so they play in order. I have the ALBUMS numbered, so my Joan Baez collection is all together, in order in which she recorded them, and so with other artists.

    All of which doesn't matter a damn to iTunes, which renames, recategorises, incorrectly attributes artists to songs, and chucks them all into one ghastly bucket and says 'find them for your self, I'm much smarter than you when it comes to organising YOUR music.'

    I have ONE song now, for example, which is identified as being by the Bay City Rollers, when, in fact, it is the first track on my 'Mamas and Papa's Greatest Hits' album. And so on, ad nauseaum.

    I have trolled every music and Apple forum known to humanity, to be confronted with every answer from the unhelpful 'You can't do that...' to the sublimely contemptuous chorus of the Appl-ists, 'our way of doing things is much better than your way of using folders, just keep using our way and you'll come round to the enlightened Apple way of doing things'.....


    if it's so great, why does the latest OS for iPad now include the ability to create and manage folders??

    So, I OWN my music; I'm not going to to go Steve's wondrous store and buy again stuff I've already paid for just so iTunes will create the correct tags, which even then will not guarantee me that my compilation stuff will be any better handled than it is now.

    I'm using the latest latest iTunes, the player itself tells me it's got version 4.1 firmware, which, I understand, is the latest.

    There MUST be a way of getting MY music onto MY player in the order and format in which I want it, surely; I mean, this isn't the days of Edison, it's 2010 :roll:......
  2. With your re tagging program make sure you are writing the info back INTO the file.

    And the track numbers can come from two field I think ?

    And make sure
    You turn OFF "let iTunes manage my
    Library" in the preferences.


    Hope This helps a little

    P's I hate iTunes too but it's a necessary evil.
  3. G'day everyone,....

    If you have i-tunes in your computer then you can edit you albums etc and get them to play in what ever order you want then to.

    Go into the library and serch for the album you want, then highlight the top song and right click and go to 'get info' you can then go through that dialog box and edit, also you will need to select 'compilation' then tell it what order you want it played in!

    Those songs/albums selected as 'compilation' will play in order.

    Hope this helps.

    Dr Who?
  4. no it doesn't because it only works for stuff you've BOUGHT through the store, not stuff you already own as music files......
  5. G'day everyone,....

    Well thats odd because mine dose with no problems,....

    Dr Who?
  6. there sure is - return the ipod and buy something else :)

    i always liked the creatives
  7. further to this

    I just went into \\users\itunes\itunes media\music and there they all are lined up like little soldiers, in alphabetic and numeric order, JUST like the are on the PC

    bring them across to the iPod, however, and they scatter like confetti
  8. bear this in mind... unless you have a complete back up of ALL your music files, then don't bother with itunes/ipods. when my harddrive lost all my music, i tried putting what was on my ipod (all of it) back onto itunes. nope - can't do it. you've then got to delete ALL of the stuff on your ipod before you can merge the two.

    if you have more than one music player, forget it if one of them is an ipod using itunes.

    it's just more of a headache than i ever want to deal with again.
  9. Whatever possessed you to go to go to the dark side Hornet?

    iTunes is an absolute crock. (My sister has an ipod she won - I told her to sell it on ebay and buy a proper mp3 player, but no, she thought it was cool)

    There are good mp3 players out there - you didn't look hard enough...
  10. I know this will drive you bonkers Hornet because of the double handling but use Windows Media Player and in particular the Advanced Tag Editor.

    You'll find that there's the ability to include far more track information than is probably necessary and it should remain intact once read by iTunes.

    Small consolation but I too aren't a fan of iTunes, granted it syncs my devices in a smooth manner but I'm not a fan of it as a player - why can't I just make a temporary "now playing" play list that will last as long as my listening session?
  11. I've always hated itunes, there are many alternatives to 'just' using itunes. I used to use mediamonkey and also winamp (plus ipod plugin) for times in Windows. In my linux machines, I think I used to use amarok 1.* and/or rhythmbox, though, I was never a big fan of ipod and much happier with my sansa/sandisk mp3 player.

    This may help though http://www.mydigitallife.info/2006/...-from-ipod-to-pc-and-computer-without-itunes/ (There are comments from the past few days/weeks it looks like from people saying thank you for the "working help" so it may still apply?

    Info on sandisk if you/anyone cares for them (in research a while ago when I wanted to ditch ipod, research concluded that this was the best mp3 player for my wants, e280, don't know what's best 'now' http://www.sandisk.com/consumer-products/music-player )
  12. G'day everyone,...

    The defult setting is alpha-numeric,... so they will sort themselfs like that,..
    You have to edit like I said above then they will organise themself as you want them,...

    Dr Who?
  13. Absolute rubbish
    I have over 2000 plus songs and have not bought one of them
    You must learn to use the program first its very very intuitive.
    You really need to understand how intuition works.
  14. Create smart albums
    In those smart albums name them according to genre, album name etc etc
    in seconds they are all categorised as you want them
    export to ipod

    in itunes hold control and select all the songs you want to categorise
    then right click info
    add categories etc etc
    they are then in order how you want them and so on.
    you should not need 3rd party software to do all this
    itunes if you know what you are doing is easier and faster and more intuitive to use.
  15. For about 3 years hated iTunes now I just dislike it.
    It works and it works well but its just way to resourse hungry and the "updates" are to big.
    Having said that I still use it for music management.
  16. Sounds about the same for people whom keep voting for a government they dislike :)
  17. inuts hey, doesn't that allow you to listen to music through your sack?
  18. Use playlists.
  19. Now the truth comes out!