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ITT: Where you are currently Netridering from.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. And what you're supposed to be doing but aren't. Unless, of course, you're just doing it from home. That's boring.

    I'm currently Netridering from one of the server rooms where I work. I am restoring a mksysb onto an RS/6000. And its taking aaaaageeesssssssss.

    Pic related, its where I am.


  2. Particularly impressive is the coffee balanced on the laptop balanced on the ladder...

    And you do know there's a thing called cable management...
  3. Work.

    Should be doing quotes for people.
    I'll get to them later.

    ... I hope.
  4. That is one impresive birds nest there
  5. @ home. bored.
  6. That's us IT guys for you. OH&S? pffft. We know about cable management, we manage the cables by closing the door.
  7. From work.
    I'm supposed to be looking mean and ugly. I got those 2 down pat so I netride instead :)
  8. My desk. In my cave. In my house. In my suburb. In my state. In my country. In my... this is fun... haven't done this since primary school... :p
  9. ..I could tell you... and then, of course, I would have to killl you!!....

  10. ::groan:: :rolleyes:

  11. Why be so secretive for Tweetster? Why?
  12. Work.

    My job mostly involves surfing the web and finding new and ingenius ways to waste time. Occasionally someone calls and disrupts my important work cycle, but then its straight back to 'work' :)
  13. SSsshhhhhhhhh!! 'cos i'm meant to be working!! :rolleyes: ... damn!!... I said it!!
  14. It would seem that most of us are supposed to be working. Fortunately for me, todays work involves lots of waiting...
  15. Work.

    Currently waiting for the system to remove all legacy numbers on all records in the database, and then re-assign them all over again (different of course) So far going on 3 and half hours.
  16. Dude, I'll take some sauce on that spaghetti! Is that coffee from one of those coffee vans?

    I'm NRing from work where I'm meant to be flat out...
  17. Sitting in my back garden, watching my dogs sleep and the light clouds pass gently overhead.

    And that cable management made my head spin.....
  18. MR51 Kings Highway Segment 920
  19. Hell yeah! Jerry and his coffee van is a life saver! And there already is sauce, see the red stuff?
  20. Lollipops Playland watching the youngen run around.