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it's your funeral

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. _59136043_014277225-1.
    A German motorcyclist aims to help fellow enthusiasts arrive at their final resting place in style - in a sidecar hearse fitted to a Harley.

    Joerg Grossmann, from near Frankfurt, says he developed the hearse for die-hard bikers who want to ride right to the end.

    His prototype recently attended its first funeral fitted to a Kawasaki.

    He says 10 Harley hearses, each costing about 60,000 euros (£50,000), will be ready later this year.

    Mr Grossmann, 48, estimates he could attract about 1,000 bookings each year in Germany alone.

    Hiring the Harley hearse costs 1,200 euros a time compared with about 200 euros for a normal hearse.

    He says he already has plans to expand his services into Switzerland and elsewhere.

    Mr Grossmann said many motorcyclists were excited about the idea.

    "It's something special," he said.

  2. people are dying to have a ride in one of them
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  3. I like the idea, not the first time It's been done though. If it was more "ornamental" I would like it even more, that's a pretty ugly looking box there.
  4. meh....
    theres a few guys in melbourne with harley hearses,
    thought they are not enclosed like this one.

    both of these are melbourne based, with another that uses a custom trailer on the back

  5. How can they possibly justify 6 x the cost?
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    i would be happy as **** to have this as my funeral!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can someone please tell me where I can buy a shaft drive Harley.
  8. That's the VN1500 prototype apparently, Pat...
  9. Awesome! When I go I want a bike to take me to the cemetery :)
  10. When I go you can just push me over whatever embankment I've crashed into, and be done with it.
    I can't see myself caring too much...
  11. HST had it correct, ashes fired from a cannon. Anything else is just kids stuff.