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It's winter, READ THIS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smee, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. When riding in the winter it's COLD!

  2. One phrase
  3. yeah,so what? its autum..
  4. so nothing

    Just getting the noobs ready for winter riding.

  5. I just laughed so hard I was sure my liver fell out. :LOL: Such wisdom deserves its own web page.
  6. Not in Port Macquarie it's not. :cool:

    But neither you or I are in Port Macquarie, so we'll have to suck it up and take it like men.... Whinging, moaning, wet, miserable men. :(
  7. Such a smartarse smee :p
  8. aw c'mon, it must happen every year once the noobs who got their L's before summer suddenly learn the ways of the winter-wise

    isn't noob bashing all part of the fun?? :)
  9. Cold ?!? no one told me it was going to be cold.
    Awww man, that means my junk is going to shrivel up.
  10. I got bloody news for you mate, its wet, its windy, and its F-ing cold in sunny :? Port Macquarie...............couldnt go for a ride so spent the day in the garage, polishing, cleaning and putting new 'Bling on the GSX1400 beast............ she now sports polished aluminium rod holders and is rated a touch over 2 litres in capacity with the additional 65hp EFI outboard I've hung off the Ventura :p
  11. That brings a smile to my face because (for a change) it was fcuking lovely all over Victoria today. 24 deg and not a breath of wind. :)

    Port Mac's normally awesome though and I'm shitty I don't live there, but it makes me happy to know that the only day it poured when I've been there wasn't a one off. :) Mind you it was warm that day it rained so I wandered down to Flynns for a surf anyway. :)
  12. Smee, well played son well played. But the joke was at Loki's expense who like myself notices that every time wet season comes in the number of crashes goes up by a factor of 10. Pertinent to remind newbies to take it easy as things are easier to get out of control - and he stipulated the biggest cause - cold tyres.
  13. Yeh and it's often wet. :LOL:

    Side note: Since installing heated grips, the cold is less of a factor... still don't much like the rain though. Meh
  14. lol, piss-taker
    hope you enjoyed jinxing yourself
  15. and i don't need any help to take the piss out of myself, guys
    i'm quite capable of doing it on my own. :)
  16. And
    When riding in the day time it's light
    When riding at night it's dark
    When riding in the rain it's wet
    and finally, it has become apparent
    When riding a BMW you become a whinger! :LOL: :p
  17. :p at Smee

    Had my first taste of "winter-ish" riding on Saturday around Olympic park. I was so cold my fingers and legs were shivering when I got off Peaches.

    I had a long sleeved blouse underneath my jacket but the leathers don't seem to offer much protection at all... :shock:
  18. These kind of posts are the reason I joined NR ..
    so much to learn, so much to grasp.

    Boy, I can't wait for the spring tips :p :p

    Onya Smee :LOL: