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It's watching this kind of stuff that makes me glad i ride a motorbike.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Nasty.

    For those who are familiar with how a car SHOULD crash, the extremities of the car (bonnet and boot) act as a crumple zone with the intention of slowing the car down as slowly as possible to minimize the force felt by the passengers. The cab of the car should be as rigid and impenetrable as possible so as to prevent deformation resulting in foreign objects penetrating into the cab and passengers getting trapped inside.

    I have seen tests done on modern superminis in the same conditions as those in the video above where you could still open the front doors like nothing had happened.

    I am glad i ride a motorbike over driving some cheap russian car.
  2. This pretty much summed up my Friday afternoon ride home from work, I remember riding through to the end stopping at the lights and then thinking to myself this is why I brought a motorcycle - I then continued through for the next like 5km's ;)

    Though I don't split a lot only in heavy traffic really, I can only count on one hand the number of tight spots cagers have put me in but then you go around the back of there car and proceed through the middle of the other 2 lanes like a boss haha

  3. ^^^

    thats insane traffic.

    I get a sick thrill out of splitting. I just put my trollface on.

  4. I can't believe you pack of irresponsible lane-splitting biker hoons ! Don't you know how dangerous that is? you probably go over the speed limit at times as well ! It's a wonder you're not dead...

    The above rant brought to you but the (insert local state or teritory government road safety "advisory" body here). :LOL:

    Meanwhile... traffic jam? What traffic jam ?
  5. And before you know it, someone will recognize that motorcycles REDUCE congestion.

    FYI, I luvved traffic in Delhi on a bike. Hard to lane split when there are no lanes, or rules, they have everything else, donkeys, camels, elephants, trucks, buses, car,s bicycles, hand carts in normal traffic.

    We called it extreme commuting, we were on a time constraint, so just went apesh*t. had a ball.
  6. That clip reminds me of the ~30km traffic jam a few months back where the Monash Fwy was closed at peak hour traffic outbound...lucky I rode in that day. (For those who don't know the Melbourne freeways, refer to this google map)

    Traffic was already slow at Ballarat Rd but flowing a little (20-30km/hr) until McDonalds/Mobile servo bend...from there it was stand still till Burke Rd on the other side of town...I felt sorry for the cagers at this point. Not to mention the metro traffic once diverted off the freeway. Chaos.
  7. About the crash clip, some of the more alarming sequences there were probably done at quite high speed - just to see what happened. The last one, f'rinstance, looked like an 80s vintage S-class. Nothing wrong with the strength or engineering in that vehicle. The way it collapsed on itself like that suggests a contact speed of about 200k. The van telescoped into a pancake because it had a load on the back which was both big and heavy, and the speed wasn't low. The VW beetle did alright for a vehicle that was designed before WW2, and has the heavy bit in the back. The Golf designed in the 70s weighs about twice as much and has the engine in the front, yet it wasn't significantly better. Light weight is a virtue.