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It's warm and dry. It's warm and dry. It's warm and dry.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. If I just keep telling myself that, I'll eventually start to believe it, right?

  2. But IT IS!!!! For the first time in about a week! And the sun is out. I really want a motorcycle right now.
  3. It's even dry, (although not as warm) in the Southern Highlands!!!
  4. Well to heck with you guys, then. It's colder than my ex's heart and wetter than… well, it's pretty wet.
  5. It doesn't matter how often I say it at all.

    Both my bike and me arre broken.

  6. You can tell its a warm sunny day in North Sydney when the bike parking is almost full at 7.30am......
  7. That's a problem I'm glad we don't have. Not sure if it makes up for our retarded law enforcement and legislature…
  8. I realised how warm, delicious, sunny and dry it was when I was stuck in peak hour traffic in the cage this morning and saw several bikes filtering past... damn my heavy gear which I needed to take home in the car today! >_<
  9. wet weather gear it grue...I did...got to work dry and warm. except for one foot.
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  10. Livinia lied to me last night, she said rain starting in the arfo. Shoudl've check the BOM radar before i left. Legs ended up soaked as i went with the Draggins. Thank god i at least wore my winter coat!
  11. Me too, looked at the radar before I left, wet's on and all nice and dry when I got to work.

  12. Yeah I just need new gloves and new rain pants. And a pinlock insert. My aldi rain pants don't stop the rain all that well, so even wearing those and alpinestars leather pants, my crotch was still wet when I got to work, and this week it wasn't urine.
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  13. Those RS Taichi rain suit really do work!

    hahaha, I can see where you're coming from. Rocking up to work with a wet crotch isn't the best look...especially walking out of the bathroom to try and dry it off but fail miserably.
  14. Hey phongus,

    Indeed they do, very very happy with it.
  15. Last week was great too, glad we managed to do that big ride on the Weds. No bikes, sunny and warm!
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  16. 6 days of riding in a row for me, ahhhhh.

  17. I turned up to work, with no wet weather gear, soaked through and freezing and feeling like a man...

    ...who can't be stuffed with this uncomfortable nonsense.
  18. It's murphy's when big mama finally is back on the road and I pick her up from the shop last night and it's raining today. This weather sucks.
    Weather website says monday should be good and iv'e got the day off so fingers crossed..

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