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It's time to indulge my leather fetish...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. In over 30 years of riding I've only ever owned one leather jacket - a Walden Miller jobbie that I bought in about 1989 and crashed the arms out of about 12 months later. A pity since I really loved that jacket...

    But on Saturday I was given a voucher for a ride day at EC, on one of their race-prepped GSXR600's, complete with suspension setup for me...
    So I need a suit, but now that BGW have gone I'm a bit stuck for ideas...
    Price isn't too much of an issue, but I'd like to get out with change for a grand if possible...

    I'm thinking 2-piece would suit my other riding (Sundays in the twisties, as well as tours of up to a week or so in duration) most.
    I'm also someone who shies away from "too good to be true" deals on eBay; in fact I'd much prefer to try something on before I shell out any readies...

    So, anyone got any advice on where to look, vendors/brands to avoid, etc etc?

    Yeah OK so I'm probably being lazy, but I'm also open to offers in case anyone happened to pick up anything at BGW over the weekend ;)
  2. I had a Walden Miller jacket once, it was amazing, soft leather, custom measured and made, was like actually being a cow the fit was that good.

    Every time I have been into PS in Adelaide there are always a few 2-piece suits going for under a grand (old season stock). Last time I was in I was so tempted by a nice black Dainese 2-piece for $899, there was also an Alpine Stars 2-piece for $950.

    Ring around a couple of larger places and see what they have in clearance.
  3. I rate Madif, Ive got a 1 piece of theirs and I cant fault it, comfy and cheap, feels well made. I think they do two piece suits.

    Also had a Rev'it! two piece which was awesome but just got too small.

    I think just go to your local bike shop and try some on, see what you like. Anything you buy from there will be good quality besides maybe Rjays.
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  4. Stop it! You're making me cry...

    Yeah I'm checking the online clearances now - I can get a 2-piece Berik for $250 at one place, but I'll be fucked if I'm wearing white leathers :D
  5. see my 'el-cheapo leathers' thread, NK. I did a two-dayer on the Putty and back on the weekend and the longer I wore them the more I liked them.....
  6. SnowKreeper.
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  7. You could try these out mate: Shark Leathers

    I have one of these suites and it goes well enough. Company was started by a guy who races (well, used to I think... might be in a wheel chair now due to a crash) and found that when he couldn't race any more, he set up a factory to make leathers at a more reasonable price. That's what I understand anyway... worth a look anyway.
  8. Thanks Snowman, just noticed your advice now.
    I've seen Madif and understand they're made by Berik in HK, but wondered about the quality so your rating helps...
  9. Thanks Hornet, but notwithstanding your glowing review these fit perfectly into my "too good to be true eBay offer" category...

    Thanks Mingles, will check them out shortly...
  10. Just found this, I'll give him a try on my next set.

    Interview with the guy from Shark Leathers, yes in a wheelchair due to crash.
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  12. Easten Creek on a race prepped GSXR600? Sounds like you will have a ball!

    If you are after Dainese stuff and are happy to purchase from overseas, these guys are fantastic in both price and service.


    I have two piece Alien jacket and Pony pants - about $850 delivered to your door.
  13. By the way - you know that you can hire leathers at EC for about $70? Just an alternative to think about if you want.
  14. What's the latest on this NK? When are you loosing your track virginity? And in what leathers?!
  15. I picked up that Joe Rocket Blaster 5.0 suit, but have been advised by one person that a bit of additional tailoring couldn't hurt - the length and waist are fine but there's a bit of bagginess in other areas...

    As to when I pop my cherry? Probably after Christmas at this stage - there's plenty happening in Unkle Kreeper's House of Pain this time of year...
  16. Well let me know - I'm going on November 27th but me and a few others are keen to line one up for the new year also.