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Its time to hit the dirt !!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Blue14, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Well after much looking and test riding, and also having never even ridden a dirt bike before, i am venturing in to the dirt scene. Who would have thought a 250 2 stroke would have so much go and be so much fun to ride. Oh and yes its a Kwaka. :evil:


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  2. nice, ive been looking at getting dirty before i get a new roady, but who knows. need to give it a shot, all my mates who rode dirt are moving on (cept one who's is always n the shop!)

    enjoy it mate! :)
  3. What time are we riding Saturday? :D
  4. thats sooo not the best bike for someone who has never ridden dirt before.

    still dirt rocks
  5. What would you recommend slick & why?
  6. something with an easier powerband than a 2stroke mx bike :p for obvious reasons.

    i think you cant beat somethink easier like a drz to learn the skills on.

    but i cant talk i went 525exc->300exc->xr650r lol
  7. Makes sense and understood.
  8. Is this some sort of snobbery I am yet to learn about?

    Enjoy your first, and have fun getting dirty!
  9. Yep :LOL: a 250 2T is a baptism of fire.

    Have fun when it comes on the pipe up the face of a jump. :D Whiskey throttle anyone?

    A softer 4T, like the enduro models, have much more user friendly power. But you will have fun no doubt, if you don't hurt yourself too bad/often/soon. :)
  10. Everytime I help a mate with one, there's always something that leaves me scratching my head going "What the **** is with that?". Anyway...

    Seems most people who hit the dirt find it hard to go back to the roads.
  11. started out on the dirt , actually still go bush when i can, prepare for pain but its worth it
  12. You make it sound like you have no choice but to get pain?
  13. after 120k's of ST , ruts, hill climbs, river crossings etc you get sore in muscles you did not even know you had
  14. Oh yeah the body will be sore.. lol

    I actually rode a WR as well, but the KX 2 stroke was much more fun. :)
  15. Saturday is the maiden ride.
  16. How did you go with your ride? Any stories to share?
  17. He's in hospital.
  18. are you for real?

    damn 2 strokers.
  19. No i didnt have to stay in hospital, but i did have to visit one.. :censored:

    So it all went pear shaped, am a bit sore and bruised, and have a couple of broken bones in my left hand.

    Go on laugh away .. lol
  20. Nothing to laugh about mate...unless you did something ridiculously stupid?

    How long 'til you're back on your bike?