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It's time to get serious... again.

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by enigma--, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Alright ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to get a dirty.

    I've been deliberating this for a long time now, swinging back and forth from an adventure type bike to a rec reg'd dirty and everything in between... and i think i now know what i want.

    I've only ridden dirt a handful of times, and as such, this is going to be a learning adventure, and as with most things i start off with like this, i want to do it on the relatively cheap.

    the list of 'requirements':

    -must be decently reliable, i definitely don't need a high strung machine.

    -easy to work on (so far i know only the most basic of maintenance so this will be another side to the learning venture :p

    - whilst i was seriously considering a road reg'd bike with a motard set up, for now, i reckon i only need rec reg and as such no road going gear

    - I'd like to be able to keep it under $3k. I don't know how viable this is, I've been looking at some of the usual culprits (xr4 and 250, drz's etc) and seems there are some below this but a lot seem well... overpriced?

    I'll add more if i can think of it... I'll need to get a few bits of gear but i won't factor this into the price.

    Any help will be much appreciated, cheers! :)
  2. honda xr,
    bullet proof
  3. Yamaha TTR250. Reliable as a hammer, reasonable performance, good fuel economy, electric start and kick start, plush suspension, etc, etc...

    Mine got me through the 2011 Condo 750 with ease. Recommended.

  4. spend $5k and get a near new drz400e.
  5. thanks guys, summing up my research.

    the drz4 is particularly tempting if i can summon up 5k, cause then you can get a fairly cheap tard set up i hear.

    choices, and a bit more than i wanted to spend :p

    save,... or bikes... no real question there :p
  6. if you put your bargaining hat on you might even get one for $4k.. yes rgv wheels are very cheap to set up in a drz.
  7. thanks for that mate, will check the funds then maybe have a look at some bikes :)
  8. they have been out since around 2000, only real differences is the very first of them wasnt ADR'd and some bikes have electric start only.

    they start easy as with the kicker, so its hardly a bad thing.

    also, kawasaki badge engineered them into a klx400r, which was just a green colour drz400e.
  9. I may think differently, but I'd take a prowl around the local shops and see what they have in your price, rather than decide a model and then try and find one of those in the price. There are many dirty bikes in that general price range and many of them were things of beauty when new, but now they have issues, and that's why they're sitting all lonely on the footpath. I s'pose it makes sense to pick a model with a good reputation, but to me, it comes down to individual examples that you see, and whether that particular one is a good one, and there's really only one way to know and that's have a close look or bring someone along who is good at close looking and knows what to look for.
  10. I've got a DRZ400 in the shed, I bought it because of the reputation for reliability, they use them on the top end tours from cairns to cape york.
    Electric start, and I've had a ball on mine, Now I want to take Mrs foot on the back so the DRZ is for sale and I'll get something else I can pillion on, a drz400Sm would be nice.. :- although she wont thank me for the rear seat..
  11. Will write some proper responses once um on my comp, found a dr650 for 3.8k, hopefully will get to have a look at it cause I hear lots offood things!
  12. the suspension on the dr650 is nothing like the drz400. for basic trails it is just passable but anything more than that its a joke.

    they are reliable though. ill give them that. but you would learn to ride dirt better on a 4hunge.

    an xr600 would be a smart move, they handle really well.
  13. I got a dr650 and had suspension upgraded and it's great. Carb jetted and fmf pipe and goes like the clappers. The best thing I found about offroad is the places you never get to see on road bikes. My dr flogs xr 400 but that's dependant on rider.
    Adventure touring on a road legal bike beats trying to ride an xr like it's supposed to be riden.
    Chucking the camp gear on and going deep into the bush on trails and some challenging tracks is where it's at for me. Getting Rec reg bike means trailer and the right gear is needed. I will maybe get to those types of bikes when I got money, a trailer, the time to look after them and the skill to ride it. I go alright on the DR and I've surprised slot of bush heroes when I come belting up behind them on a fully loaded bike :)

    I can ride on road and don't lose my license. I gave up my speed triple for the dr as the riding is more challenging in the bush. I'm not a motocross legend by any means but I was never at gp level on a sporty either. Buying the bike doesn't grant you the balls or the skill.
  14. Just get better seat foam and cover and browse your local upholstery shop for some extra cushioning to put under the seat cover at the rear of the seat, http://seatconcepts.art.officelive.com/Suzuki.aspx

    I can't wait to get out on my DR650 and do that sort of stuff :) I don't want to do it by myself at first though so I've been putting it off.
  15. Let me know when you want to go out on your DR as I would love the company. I can cater for all levels apart from "to scared to go offroad"
    I'm up in warragul and know slot of tracks, roads, hills, mud, hard stuff and easy stuff around.
    Be happy to hook up and take you out riding.
    My wife be happier if I got company too.
    Pm me and let me know if your keen.

    That goes for anyone else in Melbourne area. :)
  16. what did you do to the suspension. they need a fair bit of work to be properly rideable, thats all. still the original forks and shock?
  17. PM'd mate
  18. On that note I will be putting in WP forks and either an ohlins rear shock or procycle's shock solution kit rear. I figure it's probably way easier to change the spring out for my weight and change the oil and install the ohlins rather than doing a full rebuild on my stock shock. and it could work out cheaper too.
    that or I could just buy the procycle kit and pay a suspension shop $100 to put it in for me. All a matter of $ though :-(
  19. yeah i wouldnt waste time with the stock forks and shock. get some stuff that can work properly. but you really have to weigh it up against what you want from the bike and what other options are out there.

    ps. did you like me trollin on that facebook page the other night... he he he.
  20. That was you on the keihin fcr page? you asshat :p

    Sure I could sell the DR and get a road registerable KTM dirt bike or a proper adventure bike. But really, why? The DR can do almost everything the big adventure bikes and dirt bikes can (apart from winning races), but there are things that the DR with work can do that the dirt bikes and big adventure bikes can't. The DR is the best base for turning into whatever you want, except perhaps Honda XRs (why oh why did I not get one of those). Try putting a set of panniers, rear rack and 30l tank on a KTM 525 EXC and see how far you get. Even if you manage that, you still won't have the reliability or longevity of the DR. Try riding a BMW R1200GS through rocky hilly bumpy single track and see how long you can keep it upright for. And besides, even if I sold the DR I wouldn't have enough money to buy one of those big adventure tourers. Whereas I can slowly build the DR up to be a grouse adventure tourer as money allows and still be able to ride.
    The KLR isn't a bad alternative to the DR and is better on-road, but it hasn't got the rock-solid reliability of an air-cooled motor and isn't quite as good off-road. The front suspension is also even worse than the DR.

    If there was one bike I would trade the DR650 for it would be the Triumph Scrambler.