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Its time for an upgrade - protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by peter-reebok, May 2, 2007.

  1. Decided it is time to upgrade from my textile protection to leathers.

    Thinking two piece, jacket and pants zipped together.

    I am a big boofhead, 5'11", and 115 kg.

    Have about $1000 to spend.

    Suggestions as to what and where?
    I have Friday off, and normally work 6 days a week, nothing is open on Sundays!.
    Should I go for a walk down Elizabeth st?
    Off the rack or made to measure (budget?)

    Have a cruiser, and just want something suitable for touring use, not squidding.

  2. I can recommend

    IXON Celtic Black Leather jacke $499 RRP


    IXON ICEMAN Leather pants $349.99 RRP

  3. I too am a big boofhead, 5"11 and 115kg.

    Ixon don't make anything for fat pricks like us bro.

    The ONLY - and I mean absoutely ONLY suit I could find that fit me was an RST suit from Moto One in size 60. Interestingly, another size 60 suit I tried from RST at Peter Stevens wouldn't fit, although it looked exactly the same. I don't know how the hell that works, apparently they have 2 different cuts or sizing schemes or something, either way it blows dog.

    Anyway, the RST suit I bought retailed for $990 or something. The only alternative from there for me was to go to Tiger Angel or another custom maker.

    I should warn you, the standard RST zips are f*cking useless, I'll be getting the waist and main jacket zip replaced whenever I can be bothered.
  4. As Loz suggested Tiger Angel probably your best bet. As for zips, insist on YKK.
  5. Custom made the only way to go IMO, I am lucky 6'2" and 95kgs most things fit me off the rack. :grin:
  6. Hey Loz was it the IXON Galatica race suit you tried on?

  7. I tried the galactica 2-piece, maximum size. Not a chance in hell. I loved the look and feel of it though and wished like crazy the f*cker would fit. Nuh-uh.
  8. I got same problem, nothing off the shelf fits, Tiger Angel is well priced for custom when comparing to other brands, and is first class product with local backup should you need it.
  9. ugh now I have images of Loz in tight fitting leather in my head...
  10. Every time I go looking for gear, the shops only have stock on the rack that looks like they would fit a big boofhead :grin:

    Look for leather jacket and pants that have ce protection in the right places (especially knees, elbows, shoulders, hips). Although they can feel more comfy without them - the leather will stretch a bit and when worn in will be more comfy than when new. There is leather gear out there that doesn't really have enough impact protection.
  11. maybe start at Mars leather in elizabeth st?
  12. I know Mars have been around for a long time - what is their reputation?

    I am spending a lot more time on the bike now, and want some more protection than textiles would offer.

    I don't want to spend $1k on leathers if they are going to fall apart in a stack, when I should have spent $1500.

    I have abandoned the idea of buying on EBay - no idea on quality until you own them!.
    I have abandoned the idea of buying online at all or by mail order - no idea on sizing or fit.

    I will visit Mars and Tiger Angel tomorrow.
    Any other suggestions?
  13. I had a pair of pants made up at Mars. $500. Quality was good but:

    1) The cut was f*cking awful, they look and feel SHITE
    2) No stretch panels or anything means they don't feel so good with your leg bent... ie, when you're RIDING the bastard bike
    3) knee protection pads don't really fit while your leg is in the pants. They warned me about this beforehand.

    F*ck mars. The stuff I got from them was pathetic.
  14. I guess thats a no then
  15. If you can get something you like but it needs adjusting you can always talk to Kat from Katcando Commercial Sewing Specialists.

    She's a netrider and pretty nice chick as well
  16. Off to see Electromold in FTG tomorrow morning (scorpion outlet), which is about 3 km from home!.

    They are getting rid of the merchandise in their operation, and have been promised discounts to rival a fire sale, so will give feedback after the search.

    ie race boots at $100 a pair -

    May have to look for some other stuff as well!

    LOL it always happens - look for one thing, and buy 3 others!
  17. Tried on almost everything in Oz I expect!.

    I CAN find off the rack that fits!
    I reckon the poor guy in the access section was sick of me in the end though!.

    Finally bought Alpinestars Jacket and pants, bit more boy racer than I wanted, but they zip together, and are definitely of the right quality level I was looking for. F$#@ n heavy though!.

    LOZ, I must be not as fat as you, because size 60 jacket, and 58 pants fit!

    Now to stretch them a little so I can breathe!.