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It's the longest week!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SimonLuke, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I did QRide the other weekend at HART which was great and made me pretty sure this is what I want to do :) I managed to go from not knowing how to get on a bike to having my licence after only two days which is a little scary in itself hahah and 1.5 days of that to finally be able to start without stalling.

    Sooo here I am waiting for the weekend when I pick up my new VTR250 :D Already bought most of my gear last Saturday, I never thought I would spend so much on a helmet but I am happy with it.

    I dont really have friends who ride so has been good looking around this site, reading about some other newbie experiences. I always had the idea that motorbikes were way too dangerous (reading the Near Misses section doesn't help) and considering I am highly risk adverse it is a little strange but hey, I gotta to mix things up sometimes. Some of my girl friends are a little concerned but even my Mum is happy for me which was unexpected haha! I still may freak out a bit once I get the bike but ah well we will see.

    So not much point in this post except to say less than 6 months ago the thought came into my head even though I had never been on a bike and here I am. So if you are in the same postion as me, just do it! at least get your licence and then you will know ;)
  2. Good on you, SimonLuke. Just goes to show what you can achieve once you set your mind to it. Dont forget to post photos of your new bike!
  3. Onya mate.

    Shitscared and proud of it!

    Fun Ha!
  4. how many girl friends do you have?
  5. :grin:

    I probably should be a little more careful with my wording...

    I wouldn't want to give too much away here
  6. Welcome. You're gunna love it!!

    Feel free to steal my sig...see below.
  7. Good onya mate! The first time you ride in traffic is amazing. I remember the first time a car passed me the other way when I was riding around in the industrial zone, that was some feeling.

    I was like you, I had no interest in bikes and thought they were too dangerous. I had a couple of mates who both had their learners and hounded me for 6 months to get a bike. I finally gave in and did it. I've riden with those 2 guys once each, they don't even own bikes anymore. They're clowns but I'm glad they talked me into it.
  8. Firstly...congratulations...it IS a BIG step. :)

    BUT....(yes there always is one) Now you're free to go out and do all kinds of dum and stupid things on a motorbike. Not because you're an idiot, but just because you are new to it all...
    SO!...keep you ego under control...keep your head in the game, and while you ride with a big sh*t-eating grin on your face (which we all do), take it all veeeery seriously.

    It'll help you get through that big gap where you know enough to ride but have few skills on board with which to rely on...

    Anyone can ride a bike while everything is going perfectly - tip...it won't and does'nt always go perfectly.

    Stay on here...continue to read others experiences and ask questions no matter how silly you might think they are...apart from the few smart-arses, you'll always get alot of assistance and help. :)

  9. Listen to Raven. He knows stuff.
  10. Thanks. Definatly sounds like good advise to me. I will be taking it easy for a while building up the basics. I'm planning to do plenty of carpark practice with the starting, stopping and keeping control at low speed. The riding at road speed under normal conditions doesn't seem so hard but i need to have the basics built in for when i am under pressure. I have been practicing my awareness of other drivers and the road surface etc while in the car too.

    Looks like it will be a wet weekend though which I'm not too happy about, hopefully not too wet because I don't think I'm ready for that just yet!

    It was quite a feeling though being out on the road towards the end of QRide. We went up some of the busy roads mixing it with buses etc (Sunday arvo though) and even a bit on the motorway. Me and my classmate were like what?? we are riding there!? Hahah but it was that feeling getting out of the training ground more than anything that was awesome (and a bit scary at the same time).

    And Morbo i had noticed your sig the other week... Funny ;)