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Its that time again - bike gear at Aldi 11 Aug

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MrGrumpy, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Looks like good gear. How would people rate their gear...cheap=nasty???
  2. 69 bucks for kevlar jeans is good
  3. I bought a pair of waterproof pants from Aldi three years ago and they're still in regular use. I rate 'em. Back then the source company was Crane Sports from Canada, and I assume it was all made in China or Pakistan. Like everyone else's products. Aldi buys in such bulk that they get the price down. I have no reason to think it's rubbish, and certainly no worse than Joe Rocket, Dririder, RJays and the like. The jeans at $69 look worth a go.

    A friend bought the tank bag and boots and liked both.
  4. I like their socks in summer...
    Chins are padded and high enough to pass top of my boot and stay up..
    Stopped the leather edge of the boot irritating my skin in hot sweaty weather.
  5. I am thinking of grabbing the socks too, every year I seem to miss out on a pair so I will get in early this year. Was hoping they had tank bags like previous years but it doesnt look like it.
  6. Good Pick up!...midlayers are good for under leathers!...
  7. Have you seen the limited coverage ?

    Anyway - I need a new helmet so maybe I should go on down there :)
  8. Balaclava and socks for me! Thanks for the heads up MrGrumpy
  9. I bought a jacket last year and it has been great, very waterproof. Their pants don't keep the crotch puddles out though.
  10. I've had their magnetic tankbag (which I mainly use as tailpack) for over 2 years - seriously good quality, and easy to waterproof with the inbuilt cover. The Zippers haven't jammed, and the removable multi layers is especially useful.

    Their gloves were also quite good, if not the best, but hey at $29 they were comparable to $50 items at bike shops.

    No reason for me to believe their other items are substandard ... I'll be there at 9.01am Thur 11-Aug :)
  11. I found there jackets to be really good. I used mine to ride from Melb to Sydney through the hail and rain, was very dry. I have found the jacket to be really warm and the gloves are great. Most people don't believe they are from Aldi. The pants are too short come up above my boots, so if you are over 177cm tall something to be aware of.
  12. I might head down and gear up my girlfriend. She's expressed an interest in being my pillion :)
  13. a little different this year they also have leather jackets for $139.00 black with a white line piping cowhide leather

    And Folding Ramps for $79.00 200kg max ..have't seen these over previous years .

    don't know if I would want to put my head in to a $69.00 helmet
  14. +1
    My Aldi Tankbag kicks arse over my Tankster Bag.

    *edit - But I love my bra so much.
  15. Its actually a good helmet.
  16. Paddock stands for 50 bucks! Kwoah!
  17. Was at AMX today, blue denim with kevlar $99 with knee pads as well, they look alot like the Aldi ones so might go try the AMX to get the size, funny feeling Aldi wont last long!! Black denims at AMX go for $129, no difference in quality just black is more popular.
    Got a RADUM track lift for $54 + gst today coudl wait for Aldi, will be interesting to see the quality of the Aldi version
  18. Yeah, I can vouch for the jackets from last year. They were great. The ones this year are different, though similar.

    Pants were a little problematic - I tightened mine up too much and pulled the stitching off for the adjustable belt thingie. The knee armour tended to rotate inwards a bit too much for my liking. The pants and jacket did a great job on my trip syd-mel-syd. very nice and warm.

    Merino Midlayer has been excellent - highly recommended.
    Gloves were good - they both look the same as last year.
    Socks are socks. nothing special.
    Helmet is good value.

    This year I'm keen on the paddock stand, the bike cover and kevlar jeans, though I am tempted by the motolegion ones as an alternative.

    Might also go the muc off kit and a balaclava.

    Thermals and the rainsuit look good, but I'm already sorted for those.

    No boots again was a bit of a disappointment. I think I'll just get some SMX-5 or SMX-R and be done with it.
  19. gonna try pick up the ramp and paddock stand (x2 ?)

    might see if the gf wants some gear as well... i offered to buy her some, and she'd be keen to get on the back... but doesnt want me to spend the money on her. sigh.