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it's squid season

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fhqwhgads, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. With the fine weather comes all the wildlife out of their burrows. These naked fiends are donning their helmets and thongs and taking their bling-mobiles out for peacock parades around the city (amoungst other locations).

    As a feverant leather enthusiast it makes my skin crawl when I see them flying around in wife-beaters and shorts. Not to mention witnessing starchy white chicken legs is a little offensive too. ;)

    It might be more pleasant to feel the wind through your clothes but as the saying goes: I'd rather sweat than bleed.

    If you aren't going to cover up then take it easy out there...

  2. ah the old squid topic again, gets quiete heated in here when its brought up lol.
  3. agreed stubies and a t-shirt doesnt cut the mustard for riding. The rule is if i had to go for a slide would i mind doing it in what i am wearing?
  4. Too right. I used to wear my leather jacket plus draggins to work, then I came off one afternoon in the traffic and slid on my knees for a few meters... Wore through the kevlar on both knees so now it's full leathers to work every day.

    It gets some strange looks! Especially from those types who wear business clothes on scooters.
  5. i saw 2 fully grown men on a vespa both in suits with scarves and those helmets with goggles on the freeway. was quiete a funny sight. but its thier choice..
  6. helmet is the only thing that's compulsory

    as long as you're covered up you can't regulate what others do
  7. got a few medic friend that tell me wen the sliders come in2 emergency they have to brush the gravel and tar out of the wounds or it stains the skin kinda like a tattoo, if ya want to go thru that, knock ur self out ur a harder man than i.
  8. I didn't plan on crashing when i did, it happened and i paid for it dearly.

    full gear always now.
  9. Let the 'grown ups' decide what they want to wear and bear the consequences should they fall....but don't put your kid on the back of a bike wearing nothing but a helmet and school uniform consisting of shorts and polo shirt....as I saw on a main road near my place not long ago. Sheesh.
  10. Agreed, si-1000. Reminds me of a line from the movie True Lies: "Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy." You gotta be brave or not realise the risks to not wear the right gear!

    It's funny how people say it's about the heat though. Truth of the matter is often it's cooler if you're in full-length clothing: it can protect you from the sun. Personally I don't think it's that bad riding in leather on a 40 degree day: it's getting off afterwards that sucks. :p
  11. Out of interest, what sort of gear do you guys wear in summer?
    ie: are dririders better than leathers in the heat?
  12. Don't you live in Torquay? Not exactly traffic central most of the time. I doubt there was too much to worry about if there's an experienced rider controling things in familar streets. :wink: I was on the back of Dad's bike in uniform as a kid with no dramas. Small country town, stuff all traffic and experienced rider. Not too much can go wrong and chances are, the kid (like myself) has had trail bikes since 3 and knew full well what falling would feel like but decided to go anyway.

    20kph is fast enough to kill you, but for 99 out of 100 times or less, 50kph in jeans is likely to leave little more than a scratch and bruising. Sure, I normally wear full gear but some realism has to come into play. Been there and tried it, paranoia is not the same as safety. :)
  13. Not that there's anything wrong with that :p
  14. You can't tell people what to do. Personally I'll never ride without proper gear on. If I come off, I'm gonna be protected. If it's too hot, then I won't ride. Just coming off bikes and skateboards in my younger days I learnt how nasty gravel rash can be. I don't want to know what it's like coming of a motorbike at 60+ kph :eek: As for others who choose to go without, whether it is foolishness, bravery or ignorance, it's their call, and good luck to them.
  15. Squids are bad! Dreadlocks have spiders in them! Christians are downloading homosexual pornography! McDonalds buy cows from aliens and make the burgers purely from their tail hair! :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :LOL:
  16. aye, full leathers for me when I get them. And maybe some draggins underneath.... :D
  17. Dude... they need air.
  18. If you can get draggins underneath, your leathers are too big. You won't need the draggins with them anyway. Wearing a hole through leathers on a road would take some serious trying. I've never seen evidence of success in that regard.

    When you buy leathers (or any gear), the tighter the better while still reasonably comfortable is the go. Any looseness allows folding of the fabric and that's where it's likely to tear. :)

    This of course is no reason to wear skin tight draggins. :wink:
  19. LMFAO.

    its up to the rider whether or not to risk his/her skin. i do it sometimes if just nicking up to the servo. but i think children should be protected if on the back of a bike. especially going to school. thats where all the crazy random mum traffic is. (crazy random mum driver was the reason behind my major off)
  20. No argument here. My point was regarding risk assessment for the circumstance. I grew up in the Mallee so crazy mums dodging traffic was never an issue. At some point it'll get dangerous enough to warrant gearing up, but that point is different for everyone and what one person calls safe, we might call insane, but our version of safe would be insane to someone else, so there's no point being judgemental about things. :)