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Its Snowing, the bike is covered, its cold (photos now)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by endurotour, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. I am on the side edge of Mt Buller, slept up here in tents last night, woke up to 10cm of snow, the tents were warm, the bikes started up and we had a nice little blat out on the side roads to Mt Stirling..
    now in the town square having coffee and a little post as its nice to not be in the office on a friday morning...
    soon will have to go back to the bikes, start again cleaning the snow off and warming them up, then down the hill, across to the sheep yard flat area and maybe if the trails are open a little river crossing and mud action.. followed by a late lunch at woods point and a run over the top of the gap to come into the ctiy ready for a coffee.. again..
    yeah for road trail.... :)

  2. its now -4.. so the fingers are a little dodgy and typeing.... but the white flakes are sooo coooooool..
  3. I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that I really hate you (jealous) :wink:

    Enjoy your ride mate :)
  4. got any pics of the action......sounds like a hoot, i am jealous
  5. Hope it rains SALT ! :p
  6. well from super fun to a little tricky...
    just over 1 hour of riding the bike in a blizzard, over the top, the snow hitting the visor and coming at the bike was like the star wars ships going into light speed jump thingo..
    the down side was a swing arm chain rubber getting torn off and jammed in the front sproket. with luck a simple fix.... photos could take a day or two...
    good chance the last bikes on the mountain till the warmer months..
  7. Al......
    I mean this in the best way possible.

    your Nucking Futs!!!!! Sounds awesome mate :D
  8. OMG - what do you wear to keep your fingers warm??? Or do you just let them freeze in place???
  9. green with frosted envy

    I love that area. Have a lovely time. the air must be sooooo clean!

    Last time I was caught in snow it was a blizzard at Cradle Mt on the sports bike..and i acted like a real girl and bawled after 3 hours. I think my eyes needed to defrost. I had my hands on the exhaust the rest of the way which is quite a feat (feet - ha sic) and no they did not get burnt or scalded... just meant i could feel the brake lever for oh, about 2 minutes a time.

  10. some photos (isues will post again soon)

    the first photo is the Thursday Morning in the Wombat State Forest, then the snow filled morning of Friday..
  11. Sorry...................which part of freezing every part of your body off is supposed to be fun?? :? :?

    Not for me............. [-X
  12. ......and I thought I had a cold trip between Melbourne and Sydney last night. Stopped in Gundagai when 110kph+ at Zero degrees got less then pleasurable and did this to my bike overnight.....


    wonder what's colder, 40kph in the snow or 110 at 0deg on the freeway? Anyone going to volunteer to experiment?