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It's over...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bulby, May 15, 2012.

  1. I'll see you real world folks in June... 2013 :p


  2. Or when the DRM kicks you out for no reason :p
  3. LOL. Yeah, or that.
  4. I got a beta test inv for that and never used it >.< damn this busy job
  5. WHAAAT?!

    3 hours to go aye Bulby?

    How much did it cost you to buy it? I was going to buy pre-release, but I couldn't afford it :(. I hope EB games have it on special.

    EDIT: EB Games at Brimbank still have 8 copies (no special editions) for $90. It's a great game, but not $90 worth IMO!
  6. My pre-order was supposed to arrive today... needless to say it hasn't :mad:
  7. I know! I Know! Got it with WoW subscription - I barely even have time to play that.
    Can you download it from Blizzard? Shouldn't be that much on there - don't know if it works with battlenet tho.
  8. Tsk tsk tsk...I haven't played WoW since it came out in 2004 (played for a month)...it was some what boring to me :p. Then again when the Expansion came out and only played for a month.

    You can buy the game online and download it, but I much prefer a hard copy of games. Might get it later on when it is a bit cheaper. I went all out on SC2, that was a mistake.
  9. I hope you didn't preorder through Game...
  10. I'm old, like boring. Actually now I only raid.
  11. Nope through JB HiFi online, I was before the 'quoted' cut off date for delivery today but never the less... no game.
  12. 2 pages in and i still have no idea what this is all about
  13. Diablo III for PC - the latest, greatest, most awaited computer game...
  14. I play EVE-Online...much slower and less intensive than WoW...so it depends on what you really like to do ;). I like space :D

    Regarding Game...I feel sorry for those who did pre-order through Game...
  15. I play MW3 and a little Skyrim, but lately it's been all Trials Evolution, all the time - won't be getting this one...
    But yeah, I'm sorry Game are gone - always much better service there than EB...
  16. Yes you can, $79AUD. For hard copy... Dick Smith is $59, the cheapest - jb-hifi $69, but they will price match.
  17. I like dwagons :D

    My ex used to play Eve, looked pretty good - I like the way you level whilst not playing.
  18. Dick has them for $59...oh so tempting!

    Yeah Eve is good...and a single server, which means 35K people in the same space...anything can happen! It is a bit on the slow side though. Leveling a high skill can take up a lot of real time...my last one took 36 days. Lucky you do level while offline which is good :D.
  19. Bought pre-release / pre-order from JB HiFi for $69. Apparently, DSE selling for $59. Out of stock, but you can price-match elsewhere :)

    Edit: Was skimming through and missed phongus's post re: $59 @ Dick Smith.
    Also, you can get them digitially from battle.net. I just had to have the hard copy for the sake of having it =]
    (Though I still can't justify paying for collector's)

  20. Unless it lets me shoot choppers with a tank, I'll stick to BF3 I think.