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Its on the truck,

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deadman, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. After a lot of stuffing around with one truck mob, I got onto another truck company Monday morning and they moved my boat Tuesday morning,

    I got there too late to see it go, But I got a few piccys as it sat beside the road on the way home, Curfews,

    It looked AWESOME,

    Left here 8-300 PM Monday night and got home here Wednesday 11-00 AM
    Round trip towing trailer, 2300 KLMS,

    There's a few of you on here that wanted to see the Piccys of it, So here they are,

    Yaringa Marina in Sommerville, Down near Hastings,

    Only one hour from home, I get to ride through the Dandenongs from one end to the other, on the way down and back,
    Eat Your Jealous Little Hearts Out peeps,, Hahahahaha And I am retired, Even more hahahahaha's And I can go every day, I am enjoying this, And more Hahahahaha's


  2. Where did you send it Brian?
  3. That's an awesome boat, so i'm a little confused, you own it? or you sold it?
  4. is that the 1 u smashed or another 1?
  5. Well done mate. Be good to have it close by!
  6. I owned it out right, I paid cash for it,

    I wrecked it by getting washed up on the beach and rocks, holing both hulls, While I was on the anchors,

    The insurance company wrote it off and paid me out,

    I bought the wreck back from the insurance company, For a really excellent price,

    I now fully own the boat again,

    For a reasonable price I can have it repaired down here, and totally seaworthy again and better than new, Beefed up in the hulls for sitting on beaches,

    I now end up with a very expensive boat for a very cheap price over all.

    Definately, not the way I wanted it to happen, But it worked out much better for me this way,
    I get a Bonus from it all,
  7. Good work mate, do you have plans for when you get it back in the water?
  8. Netrider sailing day? :p
  9. Now that sounds like a plan, Brian I do pity you having all that spare time to ride thru the dandy ranges on such beautiful weather as were having then to HAVE to go sailing as well? yah poor bugger, my heart bleeds for you lol
    Hmm next day off might be a few weeks off, will keep you posted lol
    Congrats Brian, she looks nice in pics am sure more impressive in real life :)
  10. You poor, poor man.

    I've been thinking about getting a boat licence for ages, it seems like one of those things that is not only fun but opens up options as well (your international trip, for example).
  11. (y) Boat looks awesome.

    What's its name?
  12. Sweet as bro.

    Looks like it worked out for the better then, you get the boat and some extra coin.
  13. Tere Hau Nui, It means, Smooth Sailing in Tahitian,

    She is like one of my kids, I chucked myself into the deep end from the start,

    I bought it off the internet, Sight unseen, till I stepped onto it in Fiji, 23 September 2011,

    Then it was a crash course in learning it from one end to the other in a day and a half, Then the owner left for Hawai. Hahahahaha Now the fun starts, I have no left one to ask,

    Its all in the Manuals. And I have lots of them, Finding the right one, When I need it, Yaarrgggg.

    Nav systems and Auto pilot, GPS, Sails, How do I make them work, Mooring in a Marina. Mooring on a swing mooring, Anchoring,

    Electrics, Solar, Wind Generator, Diesel, Water maker, Bilge pumps. Gas Fridge, Change gas tanks, Pump Toilet, Tank it or discharge it, Fresh or Sea water flush, Showers X 2, Internal and cockpit, Gas stove,

    Whats actually in all the cupboards, Bonus, Spare parts for everything,
    Saved my Arse a couple of times crossing 3 Oceans single handed, to get home,

    Spent 3 weeks in Fiji getting to know the boat,

    Then leaving Fiji in the middle of the night, Held up by Customs. Through rocks, reefs, islands, That was a scary trip. No one sails at night in Fiji, Its too dangerous,

    I was so relieved when I went from 66 feet riddled with obstacles to 12000 feet and clear sailing,

    Does the GPS actually know where we are, I am bald, and grew hair straight out of the top of my head, Hanging off the side of the boat with a huge spotlight, Looking for reefs and breaking water on rocks,

    First day out, Nothing in sight except ocean, Have I done the right thing here, Do the Nav systems really know where we are, Those waves are really big close up.

    There is not even a yacht stop out here, No Macca's or KFC, Hahahahahaha

    Took me 3 weeks to sail to OZ, Bundaberg, then down the Tasman to Broughton Island where I was sheltering from a storm.

    Dead calm at 3-50 AM, Washed up on the beach and rocks at 4-00 AM. I was asleep on the anchor at the time, I spent the previous night awake as I had dragging anchor problems, So I was stuffed,

    I was in no danger at all as the boat was sitting on the beach, with four feet of water inside her, and could not sink any further,

    Got taken off the beach at 11-00 AM by the Rescue Service from Port Stephens, Who did a marvellous job in Huge seas, about 6 metres, very rough and choppy as well.

    I was one of the youngest on board, The Captain was 84, Thats not a typo, He was 84, And the rest of the crew were also up there with the ages, 6 crew and only one younger than me, I am 63,

    They cant get young people to Crew on these Rescue boats, Too busy sitting in the pub,

    So after 3 months of not knowing what was happening to my boat, Will they fix it or write it off, Its finally happened,
    Its on the truck home to Melbourne, Where it has a lovely spot on the hard stand at Yaringa Marina,

    Who have been Marvellous and very patient to me as I kept putting my arrival date back from early Nov, For my wet berth there, and now its April 2012,

    Its the best personal achievement that I have done in my life. And I loved every minute of it,

    Every Emotion that I have, was used up in this Voyage, Including the one, X 2. That I was dead if that wave drops onto me, In the middle of the Ocean. Such is Life, Hahahahaha

    I was even listed as missing, Because I was over due, By a few days,
    With Sailing, I will be there when I get there, It may even be another 3 weeks till I get there, Depends on Puff from the wind, Hahahaha

    It should be here next week some time,

    Its like riding a motor bike for the first time, So much stuff to learn immediately, I will never learn all this stuff, But just perserverance will get you there, And miles under your bum,

    I did the same with my Boat,

    Did I mention, That I cant sail for shit, I have always had motor boats, Small ones. Nothing like this Baby,

  14. This deserves a NOD & a bow. :)
  15. Are you still retired or gone back to working?
  16. No, I am still retired, I am not going back to work under any circumstances,
    49 years is enough,
    12 hour days for 25 years, around the clock,

    The boat is leaving Silverwater, NSW on Monday morning and will be here Tuesday,

    It has a lovely home here at Yaringa, amongst the trees,

    Even the fibreglasser has measured his doors to make sure it fits into his work shop.
    14 foot boat through 16 foot door way, YES,

    Its all Riding, Boating, Busing, Skiing, Rooting, (Its what old people do) It helps to pass the time, Hahahaha from now on,

    Enjoying life, and the wind in my face on a very fast Missile,

    If you think I am happy, Your damn right I am,

  17. Wind in face on the fast missle............ yeah smooth
    Wind in face on the boat.................... I doubt smooth..:p

  18. Deadman, I envy you greatly you lucky old bastard, you've worked very hard to get to where you are today, and boy has it paid off, pity it doesn't seem to have paid off for my dad. I hope that one day I will be in a similar situation that you're in, and not in my dad's. Have a great life!
  19. Slight change of plans,

    It will be leaving Silverwater, NSW. tomorrow morning,

    It will be parked on the side of the Hume Hwy at Cambellfield tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday,

    Then it will be moved at 1-00 AM for Lumeah road, Somerton, Yaringa Marina,
    Arriving at about 4-00 AM Wednesday morning,

    Due to the width, 14 feet, It can only be moved between 1-00 and 5-00 AM,

    Travelling the Ring road, City Link, Mulgrave Freeway, then the Hastings Freeway to Yaringa,

    WHOO WHOO, My Baby is almost home,

    Now to repair it better than new,