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It's on again...Tour De France

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. A few sleepless nights over the next few weeks.....

    After two second placings, can Cadel Evans make it one better :cool:

  2. Perhaps he can. I like watching it for the scenery.
  3. I like watching it to see what new drugs they have invented this year... :grin: :grin:
  4. both are good
  5. Oh no!! I have been so good lately........looks like its time to get back on the drugs. :?
  6. booooooring, no engines
  7. Tend to agree. And only blokes in lycra...not my thing.
    I reckon an all babe Tour De France would be better... :grin: :grin:

  8. now that i would watch :twisted:
  9. In a completely unrelated thread, I think Rog said it best once about these lycra clad people, whom now seem to clog the streets around my neighborhood on most weekends and are COMPLETELY IMMUNE to most road rules.
    'maybe their pooves'
    Yes Im a homophobe.
  10. I used to agree until i tried it out myself. I don't do roads, i'd rather the mountain trails but i have massive respect for these guys.

    It is without doubt one of the toughest competitions.
  11. Chick tour - have them in beach volley ball outfits - or less- and I would be tempted to watch.
  12. I cant see Cadel winning this year. He has a crap team backing him up this year :cry:
    I think 1 nut Lance will do very well though, gee now they have got a strong team!
  13. 2up actually raises an interesting point. Why isn't there a chick Tour?
  14. There probably is. Women race on deadly treadlies too.
  15. There's a race called Le Grande Boucle Feminine - which is often referred to as the Women's Tour de France. It has had difficulty attracting sponsorship, so is nowhere near as interesting or impressive as the TdF.
  16. #16 Mickyb V9, Jul 4, 2009
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    same !

    And the spectators who make a total goose of themselves !!
    [media=youtube]eZrxyijba50[/media] :rofl:
  17. cause it shows to much camel
  18. I like this team uniform.
    So much better than blokes in tight lycra.. :shock:

  19. I like watching it to see what new spandex they have squeezed into this year... :popcorn:
  20. You are perverted.