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It's official: the world has gone mad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by titus, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle...o-test-riderless-robot-motorcycles/25400.html

    Google requests to test riderless robot motorcycles
    Prototype that balances and steers without a rider has already been built

    GOOGLE has written to the California state government requesting permission to test riderless motorcycles on public roads.

    The firm’s driverless car project remains in its prototype stage despite autonomously clocking up over one million kilometres. However, documents reveal how Google wants to extend its permission to use driverless cars to other types of vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks.

    A prototype motorcycle that balances and steers without a rider has already been built by Google engineers.

    Anthony Levandowski, Google engineer and creator of the riderless ‘Ghostrider’ motorbike, had groups protesting outside his home in January over his involvement with the project and his links to Boston Dynamics - a military robotics contractor acquired by Google last year.

    Ron Medford, the director of safety for Google’s self-driving car programme, wrote in his letter to the Californian government: ‘It is certainly possible that future testing could include motorcycles or larger commercial vehicles.

    ‘If some innovator can demonstrate that testing autonomous technology on such vehicles is safe, then they should be allowed to test.’

    Read more: http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle...ss-robot-motorcycles/25400.html#ixzz3AinOg4nu

    If some innovator can demonstrate to me that this technology has any purpose at all that can't be achieved in far simpler ways, just let me know, mkay?
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  2. People once thought there is no purpose in the internet. Look what happened now.

    Progress doesn't always need to have a destination. It's the journey that's important. Destination will come.

    I say good on Google, whatever the reason they have for doing it.
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  3. You're crazy too.
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  4. We will need a new Welcome Lounge for bikes only. "Hi, I'm Rhonda, I'm a Honda, the dick that used to ride me fell off so now I go it alone"
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  5. Actually, I CAN think of one possible use for the technology. It'll be possible to assassinate people using them to deliver bombs in heavy traffic.
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  6. Aint that the truth ?
  7. Well at least the netrider bot can finally put up a new bike thread.
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  8. You back yet smileebloke ?
  9. Unfortunately, yep.
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  10. Want..... for those times that you need to drone the highways for a section.
  11. Long time no see. I look forward to some model specific pedantry soon.
  12. A riderless bike would be great for doing reccies. No cops? Game on! ;)
  13. Where has a bike got to be so urgently that it doesn't need a rider to take it there??
  14. If the "smarts" are switchable, it might be good for when you go for a ride, stop off at the pub and have a sudden attack of thirst.

    "But officer, I'm on the pillion seat, yes I'm pissed, but the bike is taking me home."
  15. I'll betcha it can still collect infringements even without a rider. Owner onus.
    CrazyCam, that I cannot argue with.
  16. The potential is huge. It is the future.
  17. I can see heaps of uses for this Tech.

    Courier Service, to deliver documents. Imagine the cost savings with just bikes to service.
    Fast Food Delivery, Pizza etc.
    Australia Post could use to deliver Parcels.
    Just need a box on the back with a PIN code lock and text the recipient the PIN and a notification the bike is out the front of their house/building.

    Send the bike up to the Bottleshop to collect for more Beer when you run out and are over the limit. :wacky:
  18. Dunno about you, but there are times when I'd quite like to send one of my bikes off to the workshop for a service, without the palaver of getting the wife to pick me up, and then drive me over the next day to collect it.
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  19. See! It's not just me, there are uses, you just have to think laterally, although sending an S1000RR for beer seems a trifle...err...repetitive... the old R850R with panniers and tank bag would do a much better job. ;-)