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It's official, ALP announces new front bench...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, May 24, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Looks like a step in the right direction to me. :grin:
  3. :LOL: :LOL:

    OK who else is there?

    I'll start the ball rolling with Immigration. I'll pick a Dalek as minister (Far more compassionate and kind hearted than Amanda Vanstone)
  4. Colonel Klink as Minister for Corrective Services

    Shylock as Treasurer
  5. Nah, The Libs already tried their own Davros clone in Ruddock!
  6. Ah-ha-ha

    Liberal bashing! Gotta love it! Lets see how much you're laughing when you're paying 18% interest on your home loan :twisted:

    Anyway, nice pic. When all else fails, pull the 'celebrity' card. When's that gutless traitor David Hicks going to be made minister for defence? Gotta love the ALP - currently doing their best to drag Australian politics down to it's lowest level.
  7. Scary part is.... All of the "people" in the photo would probably do a better job than the current mob :shock: :LOL:
  8. what about their peadophile problem? they need humphy b bear and a hard drive for that.
  9. When there was sky high interest, the loans were for a LOT bloody less than the exorbitant, ridiculous prices now. Rather pay 18% on, say 130,000 than 9% on 500,000.

    Health in sewer ants was affordable, without the gumnt bashing us with a big stick of some of our own taxes back to prop it up. Try paying private health, current mortgaqes etc on one income under little Johnny, it's not much fun.

    The treasurer/PM of that time (also an @rsehole) was being criticised for having more right wing ideas/policies than the liberals... That same treasure was howled down for thinking about GST.... the current PM said he'd never do that (insert sweet innocent image here)

    wotever, they're all stinking pollies, they'll all look after themselves first, their mates second, then years of daylight before the public get a look in...

    Only thing good about our political system.... the alternatives are probably worse, that doesn't mean its right tho.

    I vote Telly Tubby's for the info-tech portfolio!
  10. Sorry Paul,
    it's mandatory that they've been on the ABC. :LOL:

    We've already got Tin-Tin as Opposition Leader (The Australian's cartoons do it well)

    I'd say Arthur Daley (Minder) to take over the AWB's replacement. :wink:

    Aunty Jack for Womens issues :)

    Rowan Atkinson for Defence (he did well in Blackadder goes Fourth)

    Bob the Builder for Housing :LOL:

    Treasurer is difficult though...
    I can't think of anyone truly evil enough to take that role on. :roll:
    Perhaps the Sheriff of Nottingham from the current Robin Hood series ...
  13. the economy will go to sh*t if labor gets in.

    the last decade of good economic conditions didn't just happen by itself. really have a look at the rest of the world, or at least other western countries, we've had it pretty good.
  14. Glad you're having a good time. I've had my pay cut 30% since Workchoices came in :evil:
  15. nah life's a bit tough for me too, Im a student living away from home, and living week to week from the small amount of $$$ i get from the govt. i dont even have enough cash to eat meat every night.
    still our economy is doing well, thats all im saying. i dont really like the libs that much, but i just dont think labour can do it where it matters. both parties are pretty much the same thing anyway. they are are scumbags, some just more so than others.

  16. So have they.
    What's your point?
    As soon as China's economy busts watch ours nosedive.
    any of you actually study politics and economics or do you all talk out of your arse?
  17. look I'm no expert in this, but i think its a bit over hyped when people say firstly that china's economy will go bust, and secondly that we will nosedive as a result.

    China's economy is overheated, and is probably growing too fast, and this will lead to some problems, but i don't think it will affect us too much.

    Remember a few months ago when the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) dropped by just under 10%, yet the ASX only experienced a drop of about 3%. 3% is still a big drop, but not too bad considering the reaction of other equities markets. This is due to the resilience of the Australian economy. This also is due to consumer confidence based on low unemployment, low interest rates (yes they are low, and even if they rise they'll still be low), and inflation of usually less than 3%. We've also had more than a decade of uninterrupted economic growth, and we've grown more rapidly than almost all other OECD countries.
    We will be affected by future trends in the Chinese economy, but not to the extent of what the scaremongers are saying.
    I'd be comfortable to put my life savings, (if i had any) in the ASX.

    I'm not studying Economics anymore, but I've done four first year subjects on it and two second year subjects on it. Its as boring as hell, but I hope a nice job will be waiting for me at the end.
    And don't think I have this opinion because my life is comfortable or that I have money. I am putting myself through school, and I don't spend money on anything except rent, petrol, uni, food/groceries, and bills. I dread the day when I can buy my first house, which will take me forever to pay off. Everyone just whinges about everything, which is fair enough, I don't really like work choices that much, but overall Australia is doing very well. That is no accident.
  18. Nope. But then again, I'm not an elitist c**t. :grin:
  19. So, just what sort of a c**t are you then? :LOL: :p
  20. An arrogant and opinonated young c**t.