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Its obviously easier to drive F1 than Motogp

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dazza, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Michael Schumacher a sport bike enthusiast who owns numerous Ducati's,recently tested the Ducati MotoGp bike at Mugello.His times were about 24 seconds off Valentino Rossi's lap times.On the other hand,Rossi's times in the 05 Ferrari F1 car were only 2.3 seconds off Schumacher's track record at Ferrari's test track,a track Schumy has undoubtedly run thousands of laps on.They were both 2 day events.Pretty intresting huh

    Cheers 8)
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  3. yep....that isnt suprising at all.. A formula1 car pretty much drives itself, anybody who can half drive could get in one and within a couple of hours come within a few seconds of schumachers lap times. (its hard to get that last second though)

    Whereas a bike requires an incredible amount of skill to go fast around a track. But the great thing about a factory bike is how similar they are to he GP ones in how they are ridden.... (a factory car is nothing like an F1 car)
  4. what are you talking about they both have four wheels and a motor and a driver..... :LOL: :wink:

    damn i am glad you pointed that out now, as i was planning on entering my car in next years melbourne gp.... just aswell i haven't got the stickers made up yet :LOL: :p :wink:
  5. haha! .. yes i was making the point that a factory bike has the same controls as a gp bike ... but a factory car is controlled completely differently to an F1 car
  6. :wink: yeah sorry didn't look at the user, only saw the comment and was too good to pass up, don't worry you will get used to people spamming a whole thread of one post :LOL: :wink: wasn't a serious comment :D
  7. True, and if you fit one of the available power-shifters to say a 999R, the difference is really only the extra mumbo, and the 'unobtainium' tyres.
  8. Unless you've just bought yourself a Ferrari Enzo (or Maserati MC12).
  9. Or an Atom II Supercharged for less then 1/10th the cash

    Honestly though, nothing road legal really comes close. 0 - 100mph - 0 in ~4 seconds just does not happen on the road.
  10. WTF?! I doubt it! If that were the case I should change careers, or do all F1 drivers have to have large chins?
  11. The big thing for being a Formula 1 driver would simply being able to process the visual and physical stimuli at the rates required while being flung around at 5Gs with a deafening V10 screaming behind you.

    The actual job of steering it would be the easy part.
  12. Phaaaa, sounds like a little gentle aerobatics with the wife in the back seat.
  13. Of course I've also read an article in which F1 drivers were given a go behind the wheel of Rally Cars - and were found to be significantly off the pace of even the lower ranked drivers. On the other hand Rossi has managed to put in competitive times in a rally car - maybe all this is really just testament to the skill of Rossi?
  14. Yeah but you don't get pitched into a tree at 300 km/h if you stuff up (then again maybe you do :LOL: )

    I know that sensory overload was what was slowing me down when I had a week at Nordschleife last time I was in Germany. The car could go faster and I knew how to drive it faster, I just couldn't deal with the surprises once things got under about 8:30 a lap. Even on a deserted lap things were coming up for me too fast and you slowly end up in a complete panic if you keep going (at which point things start to hurt on the ring).
  15. Three and a bit words people:

    Rossi is a freak!!!
  16. Being serious for a moment, I've never been closer than about 5 meters to an F1 car, but I did score a passenger ride in a V8 saloon once, and it scared me shitless! I can't imagine it being even easy to drive one of those fast, let a lone an F1.
  17. Try 300 HP if you get the supercharger kit. Soon to be streetlegal in Australia too :D
  18. I second the woo-hoo, but in driving control terms, where is this like an F1 car? I read the specs, and am drooling with the rest of yous, but it still seems like it has conventional roadgoing controls?