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It's not the smidsy it's....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Simon74, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. It's not the fact I almost ended up in the grill of an oncoming car as the blue Mazda driver didn't even headcheck as she rapidly changed lanes pushing me accross the double white lines.
    It's the fact she continued on completely oblivious to the what she had just done.

    God this just sh1ts me :mad:

    Fark I reckon she probably even thinks she's a good driver

  2. ...yeah you get that a lot, got to learn to dodge them before it happens. I tend to keep an eye out for traffic ahead (if it slows down in their lane, be prepared to slow down/dodge/duck/dive) as well as the front wheel of cars. Been pushed into the emergency lane a couple of times...even when I'm beside the drivers door.
  3. Tell me about it. I am normally watching out for exactly that. Thing is she had no reason to change lanes, didn't indicate and I was right along side her window.

    Appreciate the advice. The only other thing I should have done was either sit out of her blind spot or overtake quick.

    I hate having my confidence knocked but I suppose we all need it every now and then for that reality
  4. I much prefer a bit of dodge, duck and dive when it comes to commuting to and from work...more so on the way home, it helps me not to fall asleep at the bars.
  5. Had the same thing happen to me on the way home tonight - except I was driving the Outlander. Sheesh, if you can't see a dirty big black 4wd before you cut in front of me, what hope do I have on the bike?

    (didn't ride today - got rained on last night and gear wet)
  6. beauty of a day for a ride, seems someone left their brains at home before leaving, this is where cameras do come in handy..

  7. Don't use up all your luck if you don't need to. I personally would not be right along side her window for very long. This is where a quicker bike can be safer, if you know what I mean.
  8. Personally I 'leap frog' from one spot to another. I sit behind the car out of its way and not in its blind spot, once there's enough room in front of it to safely buffer the other traffic I don't waste time going past at the speed limit. If I were cruising at 60 I would zip past at 80+ then back to the limit. I don't give a **** what the RTA/TAC say, sometimes there is definitely such thing as safe speeding if it means I minimise my time in the danger zone.
  9. Should have ridden with wet gear...it would have dried it much quicker, maybe by the time you get to your destination!
  10. 10-15 faster than the traffic, all the way.
    Split where you can, but make clean air at all times.
    NEVER run with the sheep...
  11. My destination was work, and I left the house at 6.30am, so would have been a mite CHILLY riding with wet gear don't you think??!! :eek:
  12. my truck is 12foot6 high, 7foot-ish wide, 31foot long. and they do it to me
  13. This is where getting to the front at the lights and getting a real good blast away helps. Get right in front of the traffic. Stuff the fuel efficiency and all that. Just a real good twist and then settle down. I hate even being level with a car on a two lane road now.
  14. Not this morning...was 25 degrees :p...but yeah may have been a bit chillier than normal when wet!
  15. Absolute proof that smidsy's are a falacy.
    Should be smidel - sorry mate I didn't even look
  16. Sometimes when I've fully read the situation. Know they haven't seen me and know exactly where they are going I like to let them get a little closer just to give em a scare.
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  17. Hell yeah. Hold your line, grab a thumbful of horn and laugh heartily as you imagine them weeing just a little bit...
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  18. Oh dear, you just nodded to a scooter rider. :p
  19. Again?
  20. wow that is impressive!