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Its not the Harley riders that don't......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Lots of people complain that Harley/cruiser riders don't nod. I have to completely disagree and say that I get a nod almost every time. The ones who NEVER nod are the scooter riders :shock: :evil: They seem to ride completely oblivious of anything apart from the good feeling they seem to get from whatever they have stuck up their you-know-what :evil:

    All I can say is No wonder noone likes them. If they joined in the whole acknowledging a fellow motorised 2 wheeler (especially when they acknowledged you first) might make us faster types more amicable towards them.....

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. I do have to agree with you there Lil. The one thing I have noticed on my travels is the number of Harleys that are actually ridden & toured on. You lot may scoff at thier braking & handling abilities but they would have to outnumber other brands on the road by about 10 to 1 in my experience. This is not just weekend warriors but full on touring types you meet on weekdays. I have also found them friendly as well -they will even talk to (and wave to) a lunatic touring on a 400 race bike :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Lots of the scooter riders dont think of themselfs as motorcyclists. Thats the difference.
  4. They probably dont even realise whats going on.. bikes dont come with a set of instructions on what to do if some nutter is nodding at you :wink: ...

    Keep doing it, im sure theyll catch on...
  5. *shakes head* do we really need another of these idiotic threads based on bullshit and only really here to stir up yet even more trouble between all the classes of bikes? Edit: Mod

    people nod, people dont.. its like the wave when driving in the country.. its a sign of respect and acknowledgment.. but its nothing to get upset about.

    scooter rider is probably trying tokeep their 10-13" wheel out of pot holes and watching the road in stead of nodding like a f$*(#g puppy dog doll in the back window of a volvo..

    ok... that should fire it up abit..

    PS i nod at any 2 wheeled vehicle... most dont nod back... oh my... its the motorcyclists that dont nod... *wat eva*
  6. Agreed. My general impression (and its just that) is that people riding a scooter think that it's like riding a pushie minus the sweat. All normal concerns such as safety gear, and being part of a community of two-wheelers go out the window (or windshield :LOL: ) Besides, nodding isn't the be-all and end-all. I do it. It's their prerogative if they don't.
  7. So since My girlfriend has a brain in her ass am I really fcuking her brains out......If you had a brain or the skills to pull it out your ass maybe you would have bought a bike rather than a free gift with a happy meal. ?

    there you go....I'll see your "firing it up a little" and raise you a big can of petrol.......

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  8. I was merely commenting on the lack of cameraderie (I think that's my word for the week!!) that I used to see. My Ducati has no G forces as I don't ride it anywhere near its potential, but I certainly am one of the friendly ones on the road.....which you certainly are not demonstrating yourself to be with your response. If you look at a scooter rider, they mostly sit all prim and proper looking down their noses whilst the pole that must be an OEM standard equipment on most scooters is well and truly entrenched in their sphincter where I think your head must be too! :p

    I think its a shame, is all.....

    The world used to be such a nice place when I was growing up!

    Get over it....comments can be made.....I cop it for riding a Ducati, Across riders cop it for their handbags....at least they're friendly.

    I may ride a Ducati, but I'm not your typical Ducati rider and my bike is most definately not your typical Ducati :cool:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  10. :popcorn:

    I'm gunna kick a scooter rider over tomorra and see if it's got a "spinchter pole" fitted :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    ahh that was good, beer anyone?

  11. Love the popcorn JJ, cld I please have a choctop?

    But seriously come on guys, don't label 'everyone who rides a .....'

    It is individual choice on whether to nod and some people on every type of bike are 1) too cool, or 2) too busy, or 3) too tired or 4) just plain dont notice or care.

    We all love riding full stop
  12. CHOCTOP!!! oo yoo callin a CHOCTOP!!!

    keep yer racist, neo-nazi, zionistic, islamic, christian, buddhist, left wing, liberal, commie, tree hugging, surfie, "middle eastern appearance", african, "sub continent spin bowling", bent armed, gay whale and "seditionist" names to yourself!!!

    (I'M JOKING PEOPLE 8-[ )

    and you can get yer own pop corn if you click the "view more emoticons" to the left there :-$
  13. Hee hee, why thank you JJ, you are always entertaining mate.

    I apreciate the tip and now I will sit back with my red wine and *popcorn* and enjoy the show some more.


  14. Lil I think you made a mistake, Stookie replaced his cruiser with a Hornet, not a Harley............... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Poor scooter riders probably don't even know what it means, most scooter riders use their ride soley as a cheaper alternative trasnsport they don't ride them for fun like most bikers do so they're probably not plugged into the biker culture.
  16. Ok my nephew rides a harley and he was telling me he was sitting at a set of lights and a guy on a virago pulled up next to him and said g'day , he ( my nephew )just looked at him as if he was dirt ??????I told him he was a f**khead for being that way , mind you he also thinks jap bikes are crap ? and he's only 25 so whats going on I nod at anyone on 2 wheels with a motor i always thought it was a common thing us bike riders do ( as do all VW kombi drivers do ) .
  17. guys, I started off on a scooter and I always felt a little intimidated by bikers.. I never felt 'worthy' enough to initiate a nod/wave. When I did get the occasional nod I was sooo wrapped. I have now basically adopted a 'if you are on two wheels you get a nod' policy.

    scooter riders are not animals !!
  18. it was all in fun, as im sure the scooter rider was just looking for a lift. I just thought Id use my humour to half potential to give a bit of stick and enjoy the rant.
    I used to ride a scooter in UK. I nod at everybody. But generally its cos Im listening to a pumping track and its kanda like the nodding dog.

    I nod to all riders, i even go well out my way to wave furiously to cyclists when im on the back of lils bike, much to her amusement when they pass her and wave back and she has no idea Im waving like a 5 year old from the back....heheheheheh.
    I didnt mean any of it Mr scooter guy......just my wicked sence of humour. As for MR Fixed. Im waiting till Im married. Im a good catholic boy.
  19. Good attitude to have dude :cool:

    At the end of the day theres alwayz gonna be dudes out there
    that think they too high & mighty to do something like that
  20. From my observations especially around my yuppie scooter inundated neighbourhood - that is correct! (Although I would like one for going to the market!) Scooter riders think motorcyclists are yuckky!

    Lil is also 100% correct. HD riders like Dukes. I know this too, because although I criticise HD's as much as the rest of you criticise Duke riders and also HD riders (hopefully in fun), I have met lots of HD owners and they mainly all like Dukes. The guys at HD Development always used to grab the new demos from Bike Barn for a ride when they came in and I used to have long chats to them about it (long story).

    I used to nod first at most people, but I must admit to having given up, cos the number of un-returned nods from other bike riders was making me feel foolish. But if someone nods at me, I always nod back.