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It's not just big engines that piss off the neighbours...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. I ambled Cheng's Across up our shared driveway on Saturday after a quick warmup lap of the block (she's doing well, no more crashes as yet!) and parked it for her to jump on and go out for a backblocks wobble.

    One of the neighbours, presumably used to hearing the Hornet come chugging past his place at 1500rpm, came bounding out of his house, eyes wild, and telling me off for fanging the little Across up the driveway.

    "There's rules, mate, you can't go hooning up and down the drive. Walking pace only!"

    "But mate, I was going very slowly... Did it look like I was hooning up the drive?"

    "I don't know what it looked like, I was out in the back yard. I just heard you hooning up the driveway!"

    Aha, 'twas the curse of the high-revving 250 that does 6000rpm or whatever at 20km/h and sounds like you're really flying.

    But try explaining that to an anally retentive accountant type... :roll: I gave up and apologised and will do the driveway in second gear in future!

    Can't wait to see how he reacts to 15 bikes in the drive when the Tassie crew drop round for dinner next week! :LOL:
  2. Nah, mate, do a burnout on the Hornet across his front lawn :LOL:
  3. A burnout? That's gonna help next time I need two eggs and a cup of sugar!

    (Trying to remember last time I needed two eggs and a cup of sugar.... Not succeeding...)
  4. Re: It's not just big engines that piss off the neighbours..

    Classic! My neighbour Rudy (in his 80s), came charging up the driveway when I was revving the SR. "Oh, oh, here we go" I though.

    Turns out Rudy was a machinist for BMW, loves engines. So he says to me "Every morning, you start that thing and my windows shake. I wake up and say to myself 'Ha! survived another night...time to get up'."

    Loud pipes save lives!
  5. Lovely story, Mark
    Two eggs and a cup of sugar? Hmmm, all you need more is some self-raising flour and you've got .... pancakes!!! (Just a second, I'm on my way over.....:LOL:)
  6. Crikey, it's bad enough riding *behind* that SR... I can only imagine what it'd be like having one for your alarm clock!
  7. That's a tough one Loz.... I sometimes have a hard time letting go even when it's in my best interests, I would have told him I was going slow and that next time I'd use a different gear to keep the volume down, but no way would I have apologised for going too fast if I wasn't ;)

  8. I know what you mean about the high revving, im about to get kicked out of my on-campus housing at uni because i supposedly hoon through the carpark waking people up at night! How does one 'hoon' at 20kmhr? And i dont even ride after dark (i think the landlady just hates bikes)

    Some people...
  9. Loz your a strong man, not sure if you made the right decision tho.

    either tell the guy to listen to you, start the bike up and tell him to listen to the bike or tell him to f*ck off. why should you put yourself out for the sake of an idiot.

    Is it just the 2 of you that use the driveway? if not he's gonna tell everyone shit and make your life hard all cause you were trying to make things right and let him be right.

    people like that don't need to be told there right...

    sorry i'll shut up now. just know a few of the anally retentive type
  10. There's 7 houses on the same driveway, so yeah I guess there's a chance of getting the whole little block ganging up on me... But I think that horse bolted when they first saw me moving my drum set and huge speaker system in :LOL: so I'm not too worried.

    And then there's our new housemate, he's a black dude from Detroit dripping in homeboy clothes and bling with an 800hp twin turbo 300ZX, the world's loudest laugh, a crazy breakdancing cousin and at least three girlfriends that we know of. He's certainly made an impression in this sleepy street!

    I guess as a balancing factor Cheng's been doing a lot of baking lately and bringing cakes and bikkies to everyone up and down the drive, she's the diplomatic one in the family!

    But yeah I don't think we're going to be top of the neighbours' Christmas card lists whether or not they understand the difference between a high-revving 250 and a much faster but lower-revving Hornbag. I'll just have to try to salvage things with my wit and charm... :LOL:
  11. Keep up the baking and charm, mate, kindness will always outlast animosity! (and hold off buying that new exhaust system!!)
  12. Haha, yeah i get that quite a bit. :(
    FZR with a nice straight through pipe tend to sounds like i'm fanging it everywhere even when i'm actually riding gently. That said it's improved a bit since dropping back to my standard front sprocket. No more cruising at 9700rpm. :wink:
  13. Remind me to drop around for a visit with Chairman, Twinpilot and iwantabiggerbike sometime... preferably for a late nighter. When we all leave, he'll be REALLY pissed!


    how old are you?
  15. 28 mate... Old enough to know better I guess, and yet the hedonistic streak runs hot in this one...
  16. I started my babyblade up without the muffler on the weekend and all the neighbours came running out wondering wtf was going on :LOL: and i only revved it up to 5000rpm (mabye next time i should take around the block..18,000rpm with no exhaust 8) :D ) :LOL:
  17. Loz
    what's wrong with that? :D :twisted:

    I did that in my shed the other day. got it to bout 5000 and nearly burst an ear drum..

    ssswwwweeeeeeeettttt :twisted: would love to do a run round the streets one day
  18. we could allways have a coffee night at your house loz :)

    invite me over , and i will do a burnout in your driveway :LOL:
    gixxer rulz and slic , can put on some on street entertainment , not forgetting coconuts and his mates .
    sounds like a go.

    also invite lodger , iwannabigger bike, and a few more loud ones and we can get a chorus going .
  19. Actually mate, I just checked the lease and there's a whole section devoted to a lengthy "NO GROBERTS" clause on pain of fines and eviction... :LOL:
  20. you could say we gatechrashed and werent invited :D