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It's not easy being a broad at Broadford

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by RGVroomDaddy, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Ended up going to Broadford today and taking some photos starring none other than the inimitable and incorrigible sir_b … It is true my equipment (ahem), skills and most of all location, location, location were not quite at the pro levels but I managed to capture some pure pwnage nonetheless (feminist punters should be sure to look out for shots 9,10,11!)


    And remember, it's not always easy being a broad at Broadford :p

    P.S Our lady in red was not the only bigger bike victim of the day, there were a number of gents including several on litre+ sports bikes who couldn't cut the pace! And who said a 250 can't go fast ...

    Peace out,


  2. So were you having camera envy? The official guy there takes some great piks, you'll see what I mean when they're up on his web site.

    Anyway, they're good photo's you've got there.

    I went to PI to watch some friends do a school, I found the hardest part getting the shutter speed and aperture correct, so that I could get some sensation of speed. Best one for me was


    Anyway, any day at a track is a good day, even if you're not riding.

    Litre class bikes as Broadford never get a chance to open up, smaller bikes are way more fun there. I had a misfiring VFR400 there a few months ago and I was getting held up by a guy on an R1 who had some sort of throttle phobia.
  3. Litre bike just sounds the most impressive :)

    For what it's worth, I passed everything from a gpx250 to a hayabusa with 200+ rwhp. The most rewarding kill though was a near new r6 being ridden in anger, took me 3 laps to get him. Shows that the cbr250rr is one hell of a bike for a 15 year old design... (you listening, grey import guy? :p :p :p )

  4. Justin you are the man!!!!!!!!

    Justin, well done at broadford. I believe I got the pleasure of watching a 250 smoking bikes with oodles more power and way better handling. From what I got to see watching the turn 1 right hander you looked to be faster than everyone through the corners. It is a credit to you as a rider. For everyone else, I am a strong believer in not pushing to the extent that you feel uncomfortable in the bike. Please correct me if I am wrong but I would feel very uncomfortable being overtaken by such an inferior machine!!!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you own a new 600 or higher and got beaten by the CBR250RR maybe you should look at getting a smaller bike for the track, they are cheap and can smoke through corners.
    I didn't post this to tell guys who have been riding for years how they should go about there business, or for that matter that my idea may suit you. Just food for thought I have a mate who has a k6 Gixxer thou and a 400 track bike. Guess which one gives him the quickest lap times at the creek?
    Take Care,
    Get faster and faster everytime you ride (and not just down the straights pussies).
  5. Re: Justin you are the man!!!!!!!!

    Damn, what a compliment, thanks. That was my first track day and I had a blast, after so many heart-in-mouth moments on the spur, pushing hard on the track felt as safe as houses and that was probably the difference.

    I think you're being a little hard on the cibby though, it's certainly outclassed power wise, but I think she handles just fine :)

  6. I wasn't disappointed to see you beat bikes like the one pictured, as by rights you should be faster through the corners. My comments were directed towards the people on R1's, Gixxers and the like. I don't know who is who, quite possibley the slow riders weren't from net rider at all?
  7. Nice riding sir_b, wish i could ride like that on my cbr250!

    Not taking anything away from you but with bikes isn't it a different tool for different job?

    Like a less windy track favours the bigger bikes and an even more windy track favours motards or even pocket bikes?

    Saw a clip once where a pocket bike beat a motard on an ultrawindy track.
  8. Thanks mate :)

    In the sense that a gsxr600 isn't going to stay with a motocross bike around a dirt track, absolutely :) The lap record around Broadford was set by an R1 however.... :)

  9. I wouldn't get carried away!

    Broadford is a tight twisty track and unless you can get on the throttle soon and hard you can't take advantage of the power you've got. I'd be bloody annoyed if a well ridden CBR250RR couldn't give me a fright around Broadford. Now, come to PI where I can get some top end speed up....sure, for the 1st few corners you're gonna be like a fly to horse poo, but once we're on the back, see ya!!!

    Anyway, I'm glad you had fun, coz that's what is all about.

    I'm at Broadford on the 8th, coming then?
  10. Sounds like you were having fun :)

    What sorts of times were you doing?

    I'm not real fast around Broadford... it's a bit narly for bigger bikes like mine are... I can't comfortably get under about 1 minute 14 :cry:
  11. No idea mate, I wish I knew, planning on heading up there again on the 9th (do you mean the 9th rather than the 8th cejay?) so I'll see if I can get someone to take laptimes.

  12. I should be riding rather than shooting photos next time assuming my recently Aprillia engined RGV250 doesn't blow up AGAIN ...

    Still, sir_b kicks my arse riding the spur so despite my power advantage he will no doubt be blowing me away at Broadford too. I do however like to boast that I can get more corrections per corner than anyone I know!

    That said, he has much more practice because my bikes have spent as much time being stolen, burned, crashed, seized, gearboxed, clutched etc. than actually being on the road so I haven't had as much practise :p

    Also b can attest to the fact that trying to keep an rgv250 in powerband and the right gear through a corner is no mean feat for a noob lol
  13. My son has had a 3 lap race against motards and mid sized bikes, and the pocket bike kicked arse, must admit his pocket bike is worth $6,000