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It's not been a fun day.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LineNoise, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. I think I'm going to write today off as one of the worst of the year. :(

    It started out with a beautiful very early morning ride back to Melbourne from Port Campbell with everything going smoothly...until I got a weird metal pin stuck in my arm. :shock: Hurt a bit and drew a tiny spot of blood but nothing serious. Oddly I wasn't following anyone so I don't know how it got up to arm height though it was probably light enough to get picked up by a strong gust of wind or may have even been flicked up by my own wheel.

    If anyone knows what a 7 inch long extremely light, possibly titanium, pin the width of a needle and sharpened on both ends does let me know.

    Get to work only to find that the office is flooded so think to myself "What the hell, I'll head into town." Stuff around in town for the morning looking at some bike gear, drooling over a VTR250 and generally poking around before having a bowl of Mekong for lunch and heading home.

    If anyone knows a matte black VTR250 going for ~$5k soonish let me know.

    On the way home had some absolute retard in a Hilux pull out of a side street while he was looking right at me! I swerved to avoid at 60k and was fine until I hit a patch of diesel with a bit of water scum on it, then down I went. I ended up sliding feet forward, legs apart on my butt. Bit of skuffing to the Draggins (nothing major), boots need new heels, not even a bruise on me just a slight muscle strain on my left thigh. The bike however...well it skittered down the road, nailed the opposite curb (bending forks) and flipped up hitting a power pole side on (bending a lot of other things) and is now probably fubar, more so then usual in fact. The guy in the Hilux...no idea where he went and I didn't catch the plates. :x Gathered the bike up into a small oily pile, attached it to the post with my chain lock ( :LOL: ) and headed for the train station.

    And...just when I think things couldn't get worse I nearly get into a fist fight with ticket inspectors. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's the fact I'm so pissed off right now it's not funny but two ticket inspectors holding some little asian woman against a brick wall while another rumaged through her handbag because she didn't understand what they are saying when they were asking for a ticket was not going to be let slide. :evil: I told them to let her go because they were obviously hurting her. The excellent staff at Connex then informed me to "F@!$ off lardarse!" (oh the customer service :roll: ) and things sort of went downhill from there. Nothing like a bit of aerobic exercise and a long walk home to finish off the day. :wink:

    I think I'm going to bed, best not to tempt fate.
  2. jeez, mate, even ONE of those things would drive a man to drink!! Sorry to hear about the bike, and disturbing about that needle thingy; any rogue kids nearby when it happened?
    Bed looks like the best option (although I would be checking under it before I turned in :D)
  3. No...it was just south of Corben (I think it's Corben) just after sunrise. No one but me, I even stopped to see if I'd flicked it up (in case there was more) and no one even went passed me in probably 10 mins or more. I'm completely stumped as to what the hell it could have been, in hindsight I should have tucked it in the backpack.

    The bike is a PiTA but I'm not overly fussed. It cost me the princely sum of $0 + petrol + third party insurance and was on it's way out slowly anyway (you sort of topped up the petrol every two tanks of oil). Good excuse to fasttrack me getting this VTR if I could just find one I want.
  4. fark..... thats crap, like total absolute crap.
    have insurance?
    Going to complain to connex?
  5. Insurance was only third party because the bike was frankly worthless (it isn't electrical tape blue because of the paint :p )

    Connex, yeah they'll be getting a complaint but due to certain actions on my part it might have to be worded in the third person. :wink: :LOL:
  6. Don't want to be the harbinger here, but you might want to get yourself checked out by a doc after the pointy thing hit + the accident. In this day and age, a needlestick test mightn't be a bad idea.

    Sorry mate, hate to say things like that but I'd rather you be safe than sorry.
  7. It wasn't a needle as in an intravenous thing. Just a pin of solid metal. But yeah, might mosey on down tomorrow.
  8. Heh, that's a ripper of a day so far.

    Funny about that bit of metal near Corben, coincidentally that's where I was this morning too, farting about with my crossbow...
  9. did the metal pin go through your jacket? :shock:
  10. sorry to hear about the accident. i'm paranoid about driveways....worse is he was looking at you....what the?

    anyway good on you for sticking it to the inspectors. i'm not sure if they have a right to search handbags....scumbags!

    and about the needle.....is it hollow inside? and is it stiff and straight? or fairly bendable.
  11. Rigid as for something of it's thickness, didn't feel particularly cold to the touch (hence why I think it might have been titanium) and solid metal. Unfortunately silly me didn't keep the damned thing.
  12. I'd consider getting a tetanus shot. Who knows what that pin was, or where it's been.

    There are a few VTR250s on bikesales.com.au in the $4750 - $5600 range. I don't think any are black though. :cry:
  13. wat can isay,blame the whole thing onto the bloke with the hilux,conex inspecters think they r toy cops
  14. Nice work with the connex "service" staff, pack of police and army rejects desperate to throw their (often considerable) weight around.

    How did it pan out?

    As for the dipshit mongbot in the Hilux, yet another case of looking not = seeing or just not giving a crap.

    Glad yer ok, pity 'bout ya bike, but like you say, gives you motivation to go get yerself the mighty VTR. My flatmate's got one of the matte black ones (mine's blue), and yeah, they are well horn :D
  15. Jbot, you're the second person I've seen use the word "mongbot" in a few weeks. And I find it hilarious. Where the hell does it come from? Is this some sort of high school slang I'm 10 years too late for?
  16. I've got a funny feeling it was me both times, I reckon it might be a Jbot original. it derives from the latin......muha, it's really my mod of my brothers term "monga" which describes, well, anyone who displays such an impressive quantity of sheer amazing stupidity that you're lost for words. Except monga and mongbot, which spring instantly to mind :D
  17. What a day! :shock: Any day that involves connex is a bad one in by book, but yours takes the cake. Glad you're not hurt. :)
  18. Talk to ragdoll, she's got a really sweet VTR250 in black with Megacycle pipe, and I know she doesn't need it cause she can alway borrow hubby XXSteves blackbird. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. She can't sit on the Bird with the centre stand, let alone ride the big bugger. :LOL: :LOL:
  20. damn. that is one crap day! i had an hsc exam so i can feel your pain :LOL: are you sure the needle didnt come from your jacket somewhere? like it was sewn in and only just decided to poke you? i've had that happen to me a coupla times...