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It's not a windscreen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maplegum, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. So, I have lots to talk about today in case you haven't noticed. :p

    I hate the pressure of the wind on my chest while I'm riding my lil cruiser. I told husband that if I am to do anymore 'serious' riding, like trips and stuff, I will need a windscreen as I like my creature comforts as i get older.

    Husband cringes. "Really, a windscreen? But they are so gay looking"

    Me "Says the man who has a windscreen on his Buell"

    Husband "That's not a windscreen. It's a wind deflector. End of arguement"

  2. Yeh, I think you won that one.

    Tell him to get rid of it because it looks gay.

    Screen/shield/deflector, they all do the same thing. Hell, they all mean the same thing. Taking aesthetics over function is pretty lame.
  3. try this

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  4. Oh yeah, that looks practical. LOL
  5. tell him to search motorcycle windscreen sportsbike in google images and see what it comes up with.
  6. maybe

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  7. Hahaha ironcannibal, the problem isn't the wind in my face, it's wind on my chest. I'd have to attach those 'cones' to my b**bs, Madonna style.
  8. ?????

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  9. I guess that would work, LOL. Kind of aerodynamic aren't they? Could slice through the wind with those babies. Might be able to get an extra few kph out of my bike
  10. That thing on the Buell's is definitely a wind defector, no doubt.

    This is a windscreen:

  11. hahaha thats nearly a gstring
  12. maplegum, I know what you mean I have my new m109r with no window on the front and as soon as I creep over 120kph it starts to get annoying (wife says riding in the limit).
    anyhow do a search for the Vstream shields they are smaller enough unsure if the suitable for the intruder but worth a look.
    Realistic you want it off your chest and just peak in at your helmet level and your helmet should be contoured to take a head wind.

  13. I actually have a windscreen on order from the USA. Much cheaper than I can get here and it's a genuine one too.
  14. He lost any argument against his gayness when he bought a Buell.
  15. If you look at the link and read the review, he says its good for nothing except it looks cool. (Cough cough.)
    Would recommend a decent size screen if you want something practical. If hubby doesn't like the look, buy him some blinkers for Christmas.
  16. i seen a guy in mid 20's riding a scooter (50cc JOG) with a huge Harley style windscreen

    the sad part was i was laughing that hard when i seen it i almost dropped my bike!
  17. only picture i could find quickly. its a ducati. only has stuff for show.

    givi have a range of them
  18. Does anybody remember Prince riding his (I think it was a ) 250 virago - with a full Vetter Windjammer on it? I fell out of my chair and rolled around the floor when I saw that - The biker guy in the Village People wouldn't be seen dead with it, not as manly as his leather chaps... It was more than gay - it was gay raised to the power of poo!
  19. I had a small windscreen on my 650 V Star.
    Didn't look too bad as it wasn't huge & certainly did wonders cutting the wind at speed.

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