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Its no good knowing what to do if ya don't do it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. We all know that when you are the only one in your lane, sitting at a red light, one should always be aware of any cars pulling up behind you right?
    Well what's the good of that if you DONT DO IT !! :evil:
    Yep.. sitting there patiently I hear a shocking SCREECH !!! .. was thinking some idiot tearing around the corner, when moments later I see the front bumper of a BMW 318i sitting behind me only inches away, on a 30Deg Angle followed by the smell of burning rubber. :roll:
    What an IDIOT I am. This could have been disasterous. Gotta make sure I'm looking at what's coming up behind me in future.
    What's worse . it didn't seem to faze me. I just turned to the driver with my best " Ya diiick head" look, and rode off on the green.

    Now I'm thinking .. 'who's the diiick head eh ' :roll:

  2. bloody lucky.... BUY a lotto ticket
  3. Vinnie there are easier ways to get a new bike ya know!
    You're a little harsh on yourself too IMHO :wink:
  4. BMW driver, there's your answer.

    Close call between them and Merc drivers for arrogance and ineptitude on the road.

    And don't get me started on certain races driving these vehicles :evil:
  5. :LOL: Chris
    Ya know the thought of a new bike 'did' cross my mind about 15 min later
  6. I was bumped off my bike at a stop sign a little while ago by a merc driver while I was glancing to my right to see if any traffic was coming at a busy T-Section. She said she thought I had gone.

    Even if you had noticed that they weren't going to stop where would you have gone at a red light?

    I watch people coming up fast....a lot do... and think, should I go now? If I went every time I wasn't certain I'd be forever running lights and signs into traffic.

    I hope you can feel comfortable and in control at stop signs and red lights by watching in your mirror and knowing what you will do....but I can't figure out where I'm supposed to go at a lot of intersections.
  7. It's that fine line between knowing what to do and actually doing it that can be the killer!

    Glad it worked out OK for you though. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. It is hard to know which is better course of action. Do you leap off the bike? Try to run the red and hope you don't get broadsided? Drive up onto the pavement? It is one thing to have an eye in your rearview mirrror, but quite another to actually be able to do something about it if there is somebody approaching too quickly.
  8. Even if the lane is empty I still pull up on the white line as though I was lane splitting, saved my a**e on more than one occasion!
  9. I got exactly the same explaination from the bloke that hit me in exactly the same circumstance! :shock:

    Except he was driving a saab.
  10. was probably on the phone.. too busy and important to realise that driving is probably the most important and riskiest thing (s)he'll do all day.
  11. Thanks. That's good advice for all newbies...especially myself. Always know your "out".
  12. My favourite for helping to avoid this situation is modulating the brake light every time I'm at lights on my own and I see a car coming behind me - get on and off the brake rapidly so your rear light is more or less flashing. Makes you a bit more visible, and although I can't say for certain if it's ever saved me, I feel better by doing it. :p
  13. I always look at my mirrors when I stop at a set of lights. I know that one day someone will not see me at the set of lights. I am normally aware who is sitting behind me.

    But if you knew then why dont you do it??
  14. Vinnie...don't sweat it too much, mate...ya stop at a thousand intersections and nothing happens, then one day...it does. :shock:

    I do the same thing alot of the time...take a look to make sure there are a few cars behind me...and if I'm the only one there waiting, I get nervous, and watch the first car coming at me.
    I can't say I fancy bagging it through an intersection (but will take my chances if forced to, rather than just getting run over)...what I hope to do is angle across in front of the adjacent cars, or at least move forward to increase the distance.

    I suspect that if you were riding home, you were in that brain-deadening commute mode, and this time you got caught out, mate. Commuting is a hard ride after a tiring day.. (I know...I've fallen asleep while riding the bike!)

    Put it down to a worthwhile experience Vinnie...move on from there, better armed for your future riding, eh. :grin: :wink:

  15. Hmm. IMO this is a bad idea as then you're less visable (being off to the side) and you encourage people to think "oh I can squeeze in the front here".

    On a motorbike you need to be assertive about positioning (and off the side of the lane isn't).
  16. I'm inclined to agree about not positioning yourself right on the line when you're stopped at the lights.

    I have to make a right hand turn at an intersection on my way to work, and there are tram tracks on the road that I am turning from. One day when it had been drizzling I decided to wait for the amber light in the far right side of the lane, between the two sets of tram tracks. My thinking at the time was that I would only have to cross two slippery tracks instead of the three I normally cross when I wait dead in the centre of my lane.

    What I discovered is that, instead of moving over into the left lane to go around me while I wait for my chance to turn, car after car whizzed by in my lane with inches to spare, with their tyres squeaking and slipping on the wet tram tracks. Not a pleasant sensation for me.

    Needless to say, I only tried that once. Now I claim the centre of the lane and force the cars to go wide around me as if I was another car waiting to turn right at the lights.
  17. You don't want to be ready to take off into teh intersection if someone is coming up behind you, probably teh worst place to go!
    Aim to hook around the corner (in large intersections, you won't even end up in the cross street lanes), in front of teh car next to you if multilane road, or even just up onto teh footpath.
    You just want to get out of the way or put a shield between you and the threat, not run from it!

    Regards, Andrew.