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It's new tyre time

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. When I had my V-strom, it was a no-brainer - just get Metzeler Tourances.

    But now I'm biding my time with a GS500, I wouldn't have a clue...

    The previous owner fitted Dunlop Arrowmax GT501's front and rear. The rear is just about gone after ~6000km. I have to say I wasn't impressed by the grip either, it gave me a few scares on coldish, wet roads.

    I'm thinking the Bridgestone BT-45 might be a good bet. I think I already know the answer, but is it a bad idea to mix different front and rear? The front Dunnie still has plenty of life in it, and the cheapskate in me says to leave it on.

  2. Pilot Road 3, based on the fact that the PR2's were amazing. Good life, nice smooth feel when tipping in.

    BT45's I've used on a ZZ-R250, they were adequate... Mixing tyres can lead to headshake, instability, etc, depends on the tyre profiles, etc. Try it out, it's never been good when I've done it, but you might get lucky.

    You can always replace the other tyre if it's a problem.
  3. Pirelli Sport demons
  4. Dont go arrowmax, bleh.
    Sport demons are good but i think the gs500 might be a tad heavy for them (experience of what the zzr250 was like with my fat ass on it).

    PR3's are supposed to be great as MV says, though ive heard quite a bit of negative press regarding the road noise on them - given the amount of noise you suffer on a bike its interesting that that fact is mentioned, makes one think its a substantial noise!

    Avon Azaro-ST (if money is no object) or PR2 (if you can still get em!) would be my choice.
    I run PR2's on my ST. Love.
  5. Pilot Roads don't come in baby motorcycle size...

    There's the Pilot Activ, which does seem to get good reviews (but then again so does the Arrowmax :-s)

    Price isn't really an issue here, they are all about the same.

    I'm not a knee draggin' speed demon, but I want something that will let me enjoy the local twisties :). And I would like to get a decent number of km's out of them.

    What interested me in the BT-45 is the rear has dual compound.

    I might get the rear BT-45 then suck it and see if I need to get a front...

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  6. Haha good point, i didnt check tyre sizes.
    Yeah arrowmax - i think people who get them on their first bike love them... write wonderful things about them... get new tyres that arent arrowmaxes and never look back.
  7. the bridgestones are fine. well, big improvement over the dunlops anyway.
    but for more money and twice as good, metzeler lasertec
  8. While I was about to post what tires for my GS500 I come across this one.

    I have the sports demon and they have lasted me 8K, no more. Still plenty on the sides though, which is a shame. I do 80/20 commute/spirited rides. And I like to rip through corners.

    They are great tires, but I'd like something with a dual compound to give another 4K. The front is almost as worn as the back. They're great in the wet and braking is also great. I highly recommend them for grip, just not the wear.

    BTW, have you got new tyres yet?
  9. Haven't got 'round to it yet. Shit keeps getting in the way.

    The local bloke charges like a wounded bull, So I'm off to Canberra when I can find the time (I have something to pick up from my sister anyway so I'll kill two birds). So I'll prolly stick the front on as well...
  10. where are the bike shops down your way? just that one at bega?
  11. There was two in Bega for a while, Mick Coles - Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha - and for a very brief time a few years ago there was Doin'k - but not much money to be made with Aprilia's and MV Augusta's down here. Someone lost a lot of dough on that one - they even built the shop.

    So yeah, it's back to just Mick Coles. His bread and butter is ag bikes and quads for the farmers, and trailies for their kids. Nice bloke and very helpful, just a bit expensive.