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It's my turn to show you my bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by crocodil18, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hi there

    As written on the title, I fell off yesterday, I destroyed my bike ...

    I was doing a long day ride, about 500 km with 85 % of the roads with beautiful twisties. I had almost reached my destination when the accident happened. It was 6pm. I was just exhausted of this day.
    I remember of my mistake, just before the corner I wasn't focused at all on my riding (probably because I was tired) and I was thinking about what I was going to do after the ride in my host's house for the night (airbnb). And when I came back to reality it was too late I was already in the corner, I couldn't take it properly and I just went straight in the trees and rocks on the side of the road.

    I was not speeding at all at this moment because I was exhausted, maybe 70 kmh no more.

    I've had no injury at all, just a few scratches on my right arm. It could have been worst than that I'm lucky. It's due as well to my complete and proper safety gear (jacket, kevlar jeans, leather boots, good gloves)

    The lesson of this experience : don't hesitate to make breaks on the trip, I did some but maybe not enough.

    It happened 15 km before Whitfield (north Victoria) and I had to reach Cheshunt ...

    Enough talking you are waiting for pics :rolleyes:





    As soon as I'll get my new bike (don't know when), I'll lead a 2-day ride on the same roads if someone is interested, accomodation $15/pers. It will be my revenge :cool:
  2. Are you sure that's what you meant to say ?
  3. Faark glad your ok mate. A long day in the saddle can make u very tired especially in the heat
    Hope fully we will see u again on the sat rides with a new bike.
  4. fcuk me dead
    what time did this happen
    we came through there around 4pm
    glad your ok
    see you when you get the new bike mate
  5. sorry for my english Mcsenna I'm french I try to do my best ;)
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  6. Wee wee!
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  7. Glad you're ok @OP.

    Fatigue is tough to combat. Especially so when the day is almost over.

    Hope all goes well and you're back on the road soon.
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  8. ok it was yesterday
    fcuking lucky that cable didn't rip you apart
  9. That looks nasty. I assume this is Mansfield - Whitfield road? Some corners on that stretch of road can get you off guard. Glad you are OK. See you when you get a new bike!
  10. It happened at 6pm

    I don't know at all when I'll get the new bike because the question is : do I buy a car (which is smart before winter) but I'll be in the traffic everytime or I buy a bike now and I'll spend winter on the bike ? I don't know
  11. well I fcuked up again
    that's the tow cable
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  12. That's the cable of the towing truck :p
  13. bike
  14. Clearly you had too many beers last night
  15. im a repeat offender
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  16. It was because the day was almost finished I was maybe less focused

    I'm good no worries :p
  17. Well this is what I want obviously but I'm not sure yet I can't afford both (and I don't want both for now)
  18. Yes it was this road
  19. Buying a cage is never smart. I'm really looking forward to riding through autumn and winter, I enjoy it more than summer.
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  20. No worries mate, I've changed the title to what I think you meant, let me know if it's wrong. Glad you are ok.