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its my first day...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jos, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. hey guys,
    new here and just thought i say hello. just started riding and thought this was a good place to start in becoming an enthusiast. I hail from melbourne and I always pick the car when playing monopoly.

    so yeah, expect to see me around :p

  2. Welcome Mr Jos!

    Enjoy your stay, I'm sure you'll find the place good fun and a real distraction at work amongst many locations!

    And remember, keep the rubber side down ;)
  3. My first Bike :D
  4. Welcome!

    Long shot, but I hope the thread title is a Simpsons reference!

    I like to pick the thimble when I play monopoly. Because what a gumby token that is! Or sometimes the iron, because bitches know their place...
  5. massive photo aside, welcome to Netrider :)

    my monopoly set is old and just has little pillars like chess pawns :(
  6. Welcome. My Monopoly set has a motorcycle. Winner!
  7. wow! you're absolutely right. defs a simpsons reference :p
  8. appreciate the welcome here guys! and a motorcycle in a monopoly set? that is awesome! I want!!
  9. welcome Jos, like the road cred rash on the can :)
    If you're learning, read the thread for sat morn prac sessions, got a people living in your neck of the woods too, so shouldnt be long before you have neighbours riding with you :)
  10. thanks goodie, ill check it out :)
  11. You're welcome, prac starts 10am, say hi to Doug (Hawklord) and or Dave (Greybm) when you get there, they are great to help make riding safer for you. Lots of knowledge gets shared..
  12. Welcome to NR and +1 million to what God said above! :D
  13. Hi Jos and welcome to NR
  14. Welcome to NR.
  15. Don't you worry I'll be dragging him down to the Saturday meets in the coming weeks, not really going to give him a choice 8-[

  16. He'll thank you for it :) As you very well know the in valuable help we all get from these sessions help/helped us survive
  17. Welcome to the club!
  18. Plenty of riding choices and buddies down this way buddy.