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ITS MINE! my very own street triple

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Clemo, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Well I am sure most of you have seen this bike (at least on here before) but now that I am the lucky owner there are a few little touches I would like to add.
    Grumpy Trumpy did a great job of doing up and looking after this bike that it feels almost brand new with pretty much all the extras ticked. The Ducati Street Fighter mirrors and Blue Flame exhaust especially set this bike off perfectly for me and I know a lot of people don’t like the round lights but I prefer them to the new ones.
    Now that I have it I have added the colour coded radiator and seat cowls because there was a promo bike done up with those options when the R came out and it looks nuts so i had to have one like it :)
    The gold toughes on the bike like the brake reservoirs and engine bolts I am not to sure on but they do match the calipers and are starting to grow on me so who knows at this stage.
    Anyway here it is...



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  2. Verry Nice, I like....
  3. Congrats Clemo, am jealous, looks nice, am sure this years trip to Phillip Island might be a little quicker? :) enjoy !!
  4. Orange is definitely the best street triple colour. Big fan of the older headlights as well. Congrats mate
  5. Nice work mate. The round ones do look better.
  6. I'm not going to tell you to enjoy it because everyone that rides a street triple comes away smiling.
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  7. Congrats clemo....... She's gorgeous!
  8. Horn, pure horn!
  9. Looks the goods
  10. Looks awesome mate, grats! Love the colour.
  11. So jealous of u right now :(
  12. Nice one Clemo!

    Of course, orange is the BEST colour!!

  13. Thanks for the comments guys I honestly feel very privileged to have this bike and it is still a shock to see it in my garage everyday. I still have a fair wait ahead of me till I am able to ride it and even then it will be baby steps. I don't want to sound like an old kook but going from the VTR250 to this is a huge step for me and the amount of respect needed to tame machine is not lost on me but I am looking forward to the challenge like a fat kid wants cake.
    Bring on summer and the many thousands of kilometers of loving and learning to be had with this thing.
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  14. Congrats mate! love the look of it with the additional color coded bits....stands out like dogs balls in a crowd (y)
  15. I just love that bike, awesome colour!
  16. very nice enjoy
  17. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Congrats on the bike.

  18. Lucky you, I bet it's heaps of fun.
  19. Nice one Clemo, glad to see you decided on the Street Triple, and you are going to find out very soon why they are becoming so popular. The Triple grin is hard to get rid of. Look forward to seeing you on a ride :)
  20. Good choice dude. I think the striple is the perfect transition bike, in saying that I thoroughly enjoy riding ours. Wifey is going to love it once it's hers.