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It's just a tad cold!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Thought I'd take the bike to visit a mate in Balwyn. fcuk, That was a good idea. :shock: I admit, with stuff all traffic I enjoyed breaking some rules here & there, but jeez, when's global warming going to fix Melbourne's weather! :x :LOL:

    Is anyone else determined as I was to go for a quicky tonight? If, give your visor a clean. The fog out there at the moment is increadable. Even leaving it up at the lights left it covered. 0% visibility. Riding,....hmmm....nope, just the same. Stoped at a servo to borrow (keep) a rag to give it a wipe from time to time. It's like riding at the snow! Enjoy :D
  2. it makes riding your pushy home somewhat exciting :LOL: love having cars narrowly miss you because they dont see you till they're about to run you over :shock:

    love this weather, excitement unlimited :D
  3. I thought mabey I'd take the visor off and take to it with the poster paints. I nice landscape on the inside of a sunny day in the country with no traffic in sight. I may as well for all the good it did me tonight. May as well die preparing for the next smooth dry, well lined and car free corner. :LOL:
  4. It's the global warming and the temperature inversions that are causing the fog.
    Must admit that this morning was a bit of a pea souper.
  5. It sure wakes you up on the morning!

  6. I work on a salmon farm near Eildon....didn't see sunshine at all today, only dense fog.

    Fun driving the tractor around ponds :shock:
  7. I was in Puckapunyal for a course in 1976, and we woke up one morning to find the entire unit fogged in. Nothing unusual for Seymour in the winter, but THIS fog stayed on, never diminishing in intensity, till 11:00 am on the THIRD morning! We watched a platoon of men doing drill, and the drill sergeant couldn't SEE the back rank of the three he was training! Amazing!
  8. I woosed out....... got SheGod out of bed to drive me, nice warm trip to work, drive home sucked, what would normally be a 20 min bike, turned into a boring 45 min drive, mind you her car is a 1600cc Suzuki....that's 300cc bigger than a Busa.......

    Tomorrow I ride... and bugger the cold, the fog, the cars and the headlights.
  9. I went out mid-evening last night for a 10 minute trip to the shops. Thought I'd be ok with the medium-weight jacket, no waterproofs to block the breeze.

    It wasn't raining but there was a bit of fog coming in, and by God was it cold!

    I enjoyed my rides to/from work today though. I had to take the train yesterday, and it made me realise how much I like going by bike. :)
  10. I grew up an hour noth of there in Benalla. That sort of fog's not unusual in NE vic. Nothing like that thick on my ride (getting thick now though) but it kept sticking to the visor like nothing I've ever experienced. In Benalla it ices over the outside so you have to give it a wipe now and then, but this was inside and out. Even letting more air in didn't help because the fog seemed to come in with it. Bizzare! :shock:

    I hate Melbourne anyway. :p
  11. Down here in damn near the south pole :shock: , my 15-20 minute ride NORTH-east into Hobart was a tad chilly yesterday.

    Two absolutely clear days with no cloud to keep the heat in = ice on road!!! Some places the ice didn't clear till midday. Took it very very carefully I can tell you.

    Actually wasn't too bad, only the "motodry-dry tour" gloves failed the test. Everything else was fine.

    I ride everyday, no excuses, I really don't mind the cold, and I don't mind the rain. It's getting cold AND wet I don't like

  12. Tis freezing!!!! I remember a trip to eildon one morning at about 6am going thru healsville and met up with a guy on a ducati 996. I think he was heading for the spur. It was pea soup and BLOODY freezing. He was wearing full leathers and the perforated vented type at that. I think he looked in his 40's. I still remember him trying to say G G G G G G G G G G G G GG G G G G G G G GDAY.........

    I also remember how his moustache looked solid with what looked like frozen snott. I dont think he was very comfortable and certainly wasnt dressed for the occasion. Forget about what the roads were like!!!

  13. Just arrived home from work in Scoresby....a section of Ferntree Gully road was so hard to see through the fog I was riding at about 40kph. I also misplaced one of my inner gloves today, so it was a tad chilly for the poor fingers :shock: :roll:

    :D :D :D
  14. Used to regularly spend weekends on the Lake ... more often than not it was the same with the fog never leaving and the mercury never rising above 5 degree's. Couldn't see 50m in front of you .. made skiing fun :)
  15. Bloody fair-weather riders. :LOL:

    No, I'm kidding. Don't hit me.
  16. Back in the dark ages I used to do a regular weekend trip from Sale to Dandenong to see my kids, I can remember stopping in Morwell one night riding home, and buying a newspaper at the garage so I could line the inside of my jacket. I was so frozen when I got back to the base that when I stopped at the guard house, the bike and I both fell over, that exhaust pipe on my leg was the warmest I'de been in the past 2 hrs, not all bad news though, I did get a no marching chit for 3 days.
  17. About to kill some salmon...fog is still here from yesterday.lol...and temperature is 5C.

    Please think of me :cry: and this may be the reason why you "commoners" pay $28-30 odd kilos for salmon :D
  18. My thermometer was reading 2ÂșC @6:50am this morning in Collingwood.
    Guess hell froze over.
  19. I have 2 cold stories.

    I lived for over 20 years in Canberra in 2 separate stints and everyone knows how cold it gets there. One night back in about '78 I hopped on the 400/4 to go to a mate's place a couple of suburbs away. My wife said I was crazy, but I rode anyway. I had an open face helmet and when I got back home my beard was literally frozen, filled with ice.

    When we woke up in the morning the guy on the radio said, "Well, it certainly was cold last night, the temperature was -9!" I guess that combined with the wind chill made it a pretty cool night to be out riding with an open face helmet on.

    And about 2 years ago, I rode from Canberra up the backroad to Wakefield Park to commentate on a road race meeting there. It was fine and a bit "crisp" at home, but by the time I got to Bungendore, the legendary Canberra fog had set in and it was COLD. I rode the last 60kms or so continually cleaning my visor and peering through a spot in the middle that was increasingly becoming iced over.

    By the time I got to the track there was a circular hole about 6cm across through which I could see (couldn't lift the visor cos as soon as I did my glasses started to ice up) and the rest of the visor was caked in about 5mm of ice. My Rivet jacket was covered with a layer of ice that crackled and broke away as I moved. The fairing on the bike had a solid encrustation of ice that took several hours to melt away.

    The temperature at the track was -5 and foggy and it stayed below zero and foggy till after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We are crazy people, aren't we?
  20. lesse, left london it was -2 (1 oclock in the arvo) got home to cheshire 3 hours later and it was -9, boy the all in one suit sure did its job, admitedly my hands and feet were frozen solid though :LOL: