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It's International Towel Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 25, 2016.

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  1. "Hey you, sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!"
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  2. Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
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  3. In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

    Except for motorcyclists....
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  4. “A towel, [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy] says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapors; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a mind-boggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.”
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  5. and my all-time favourite...
    “Arthur: If I asked you where the hell we were, would I regret it?
    Ford: We're safe.
    Arthur: Oh good.
    Ford: We're in a small galley cabin in one of the spaceships of the Vogon Constructor Fleet.
    Arthur: Ah, this is obviously some strange use of the word safe that I wasn't previously aware of.”
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  6. Oh, Not again
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  7. for riders:
    you can fold it and put it inside your jacket to keep you warm when riding in winter; you can use it as a pillow when your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to sleep on the side of the road; you can sit on it if your suspension is too harsh; and, you can make an improvised sling out of it to act as a backpack if you need to pick up some milk on the way home from the beach...
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  8. Some of my favourite books...

    It's fun to read something you know to be totally absurd, yet be so absorbed as to wonder if it could possibly be made real
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  9. There are some unusual threads on this forum, there are some really unusual threads on this forum, this particular thread is a stray from another planet in another galaxy.

    I know, you've all come from the name your poison thread, haven't you? Having has too many samples.
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  10. I saw on booktopia the other day, a collection of all the novels in one hardcover for under 30 bucks
  11. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish....

    I actually used that phrase once when leaving Toyota South Africa three plus odd years ago. Gave a farewell speech to the whole plant and ended of with that phrase.....

    Only one other person got that and burst out laughing.
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