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It's here

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Not the best of photos, location of lighting, but they'll do for now.



  2. Enjoy!
  3. Looks good enough to ride!
  4. omg i wanna marry it !!
    looks awesome, what the specs on it?
  5. That's the bike for me once i'm off restrictions :p
  6. I've already pulled off the pillion pegs now, put on the red solo seat cowl, and I'm going to do an oil change since the bike now has 35kms on it. The first 30-40kms is the most critical, IMO, just that's when the bulk of the large metallic chunks will have worn themselves off, and it's best to get them out of the bike asap. Got a nice strong rare earth magnet sitting on the sump-plug too, to assist in collecting any ferrous debris to prevent it from circulating about the engine.

    Going to put 15-50W semi-synth oil in, for the first 1000kms until its first service, ask them to put 10-40W full-synth in, to take it to its first 10,000kms service, and then likely go with 5-40W from then on.

    Service intervals are every 10,000kms.

    Won't be super gentle with in when running it in, nor will I be rough with it. In short, just ride it around like normal, but just won't use more than 1/2 throttle or wring it out. I believe that there's such a thing as being overly gentle during the run-in phase.

    As for the specs. 675cc inline 3-cyl. At the crank, it's claimed to be 123hp, and 73Nm. What those specs don't show is how flat the torque curve is. It's almost like an electric motor flatness from 2500rpm up to 13000rpm. Doesn't matter where you are in the rev range, or what gear you're in, twist the throttle and the bike just goes. (Well, in 5th, that's true above 3000rpm, and in 6th, above 3500rpm). Very different to a 600cc I4 in that respect.

    What else? Well, I need to ride it more, that's what else. Will be getting the suspension upgraded as a first modification. In terms of steering, the bike is so, so light. Quite literally it takes one fifth the effort to get the bike to turn as my old 2000 model R1, and I'm riding it around trying to remember to give it only the lightest of steering inputs. It almost feels like your hands have a direct line of communication to the front axle. The feel and feedback from the chassis is amazing.
  7. Pics with red solo seat cowl, and pillion pegs gone.



  8. Good stuff.. They are a very sleek looking machine. I have no doubt you will enjoy your new ride.. :grin:

    The red cowl is different, very personalised indeed.. :cool:
  9. I just dribbled a little bit on my keyboard...........

    Looks nuts dude!! I want one!! Any pics of it without the pillion pegs?

    edit: nevermind, you posted as i was typing. Cheers
  10. Sweet!!!
    Awesome bike, like the red seat cover very individual.
    I cant believe that ur got urself a new bike already.

    Stew u gonna track this bike. Or use the R1? How the healing goin?
  11. Have you read the book on the guidelines for running in? I.e, for the first 800kms:


    I think the do not ride more than 3/4 maximum engine speed isn't really being gentle ;)
  12. Hot bike. Easily the pick of the 600's/750's I reckon.
  13. Yeah, I've read it. Read it, and lots of other stuff on the net about it.

    On the tank, they now come with a sticker that says not to exceed 5000rpm, for the first 480kms, nor exceed 6000rpm between 480-960kms, nor exceed 7000rpm between 960-1280kms, nor exceed 8000rpm between 1280-1600kms.

    3/4's engine speed (10500rpm) is certainly a lot more than 5000rpm, and more even than 8000rpm.

    Basically, I just interpret it all as "Don't tool around pottering about, and also, don't wring it out with wide-open-throttle either". i.e. ride it as normal, just curb over-enthusiastic use of the throttle.
  14. *nod* I do remember last year when we (Aussies) first got the bike, I did a fair bit (read LOT) of research on the running in stuff. Mostly because I was in pain with my nerve damage and researching stuff was a good way to take my mind off thinking about the pain. Anyway, it seemed that the sticker had been on different Triumph models (around the same time at least) as was noted by a dealer in the states. So, personally I take the sticker's guidelines with a pinch of salt and hold the sauce... *coiugh*

    Anyway, I hope you LOVE the bike :grin: I just LOVE saying it :)
  15. Absolutely lovely bike. Go the Triples.
    I've heard of different times for the full synthetic oil , but mine got it at 1000k as well .
    I think the main thing about the running in is to vary those pistons a bit i.e. not sitting on a constant throttle. The theory I think is that if you sit on say a top of 5000rpm then the pistons are going to bed in at that . For that reason , I've been told, its best to vary them, and the more out there of my friends for the same reasons will say that it pays also to just on the odd occasion its okay to go into the red zone.

    So , whats next.
    New tail tidy and some huggers?
    New pipes ?

    Hows the suspension ?

    Love your trumpy Flux.
  16. very nice.....happy trails......

    Dont know bout the red but hey your bike your taste eitheir way really nice bike......
  17. Nice bike FLUX. Had the choice between that and the new CBR600. I got the Honda based on the power to weight ratio. And have always been a Honda boy way back.

    Would be interesting to see how they perform side by side :wink:
  18. Nice bike :cool:
  19. Yeah, on the ride home, I varied my speed as much as possible. Had the wife following me in the car playing buffer, so I'd give it a bit, then brake hard to help the brake peds to bed in as well, drop in down a couple of gear, and take off again, click up, and repeat. In short, treated the ride home a bit like how one would ride around a race-track (minus the WOT/high-rpm aspect).

    Not sure I agree with that, at least not too early on. Maybe after 300kms or so that'd be okay to do on occasion, if you were being super-aggressive about it. Certainly wouldn't want to do it earlier IMO. You want to make sure that there aren't any tight bits, 'cos when you run it harder, internal friction goes up more too, and so does heat, and that causes a greater expansion of the metals, and you could end up scoring various bearings or worse, wrenching them on some tight spot rather than gently wearing them into it. This is the primary reason why manufacturers say to increase revs gradually. As revs builds, metals expand, and friction increases. If it's not worn down enough, while the engine may not seize, you could be doing untold damage that won't show up until some way down the line. Would hate to buy a 2nd hand bike off someone who had been red-lining it during the break-in period.

    TODO list is this (in order):

    Wilbers rear suspension
    Revalve forks
    Jardine exhaust slip-on (comes with fender eliminator kit)
    TuneBoy mapping

    A luxury would be to get the Triumph, Daytona, and 675 decals changed to the Tornado Red color, to match the bike off completely. Something like this in terms of a photoshop mock-up concept. Don't want to overdo the red, just use it as a high-light. The red seat-cowl is probably a bit overboard at the moment, but I'll run with it until I find the time/money to get the decals changed. That'll be the visual theme of the bike in terms of my customising of it. Black, with red highlights.

    Won't be taking this bike to the track. This will be my road bike. I've learned my lesson the hard way from trying to make a bike serve both roles. I go too quickly on the track now for safe running with a street bike.

    The R1 is now sold. Gone.
  20. That is one sexy bike =P~