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NSW It's happening! First bike bought!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kirbyann, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all!

    I have wanted a motorcycle since I was about 8 yrs old... at 32 I am finally at the point in my life that I MADE it happen! I bought a Yamaha Virago. Everything just fell into place perfectly and before I knew it I was just looking at bikes I was signing the paperwork for one! I am so excited!!


    Really looking forward to this next stage in life!

    I do have a quick question though - do any of you have a dog you want to be able to take with you places whilst riding? How do you make this happen?

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  2. Welcome KirbyannKirbyann , I've seen a dog transported in a side car but I thought this was the best transportation method and apparently legal.

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  3. No good if you have a doberman though......:D
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  4. "you're gunna need a bigger top box"
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  5. Welcome KirbyannKirbyann !

    Well, there's dogs & there's dogs!

    At a shop ride a week or so ago a guy had his border collie complete with red goggles
    in a sidecar but if mutley is a more modest size one of these may suit.

    Leather and Luggage Range - BibbleBar

    You will, however, need a substantial luggage rack to support it.

    Me, personally, I would risk my own arse on a bike but not my dog.
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  6. My dog loves to bark and howl at motorbikes - my bike makes enough noise as it is by itself without her adding to it!
  7. Welcome KirbyannKirbyann congrats on the bike.

    What dog is it? May be an idea to get yourself comfortable on the bike before Mutt
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  8. Welcome KirbyannKirbyann, congrats on your license and bike, a life long dream coming true, many learners here and plenty of great advice
  9. Welcome to the forum, the law says not between you and the handlebars or in the case of a car you and the wheel so top boxes etc on the rear of the bike is OK. There is one exception Tex and Bundy a much loved pair that raise money for charities and have special permission for Bundy to travel up front.

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  10. Welcome aboard :)

    Congrats on the bike :)
  11. Welcome :)

    I do have a dog and I'd love for him to come but he's a tiny bit too big.........unless I go all barry_mckibarry_mcki
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  12. Hi and welcome Kirby-Ann. barry_mckibarry_mcki might pop in and show you his way of transporting a larger size dog.

    Cheers (y)
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  13. gday KirbyannKirbyann and welcome to NR - congrats on the licence and the bike - it's always great to meet another animal lover (there is a big topic here with many pet pics).
  14. Welcome KirbyannKirbyann . Top box type setups would be okay for smaller pups but you need to keep an eye on how much they weigh. Givi rate the larger topboxes at 10kg so I wouldn't be going past that unless the mounts are beefed up somehow. Our Westie fits this modified E360 topbox, for added security I have an eyebolt that I connect his body harness to, this bolt goes through to the Givi frame so the box can never come "unclipped" from the bike. The bigger pups go in the sidecar, but the biggest (>100kg) has to wait until I modify the trailer.

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  15. Welcome, and congrats at making your dreams happen. :)
  16. Welcome :cool:
  17. :) That's a great last pic barry_mckibarry_mcki the expression is "well are we going? Stop screwing around let's ride" ;)
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  18. Cheers every one!!
    Thanks for the suggestions too!
  19. Welcome to NR Kirbyann and congrats on virago ☺
  20. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.