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It's good to be Three - bwahahahahahhaa

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Incompetence at its very best.

    On the 7th of December I decided to ditch my ageing Optus prepaid Mobile Broadband modem and buy a new modem and revert back to the Telco that I have been with for 4 years, Three.

    I decided on which modem I wanted, I chose the plan and ordered everything online. It took 3 days to run a credit check and process the order.

    On the 10th I received an email stating that my order was processed, approved and scheduled for delivery on the 14th of December.

    As I ran out of data on the 10th of December, I decided not to top up my Optus account and to use my iPhone "tethered" via bluetooth as my modem until Monday the 14th.

    Monday the 14th comes and goes as does any hope of seeing a modem today.
    I decide to call them on Tuesday to see where it is at. I figure, busy times, Christmas is almost here, I'll allow an extra day.
    Call them on Tuesday to enquire as to the whereabouts of the modem and I'm told that the order was cancelled. When I asked why, they couldn't tell me.

    I was then transfered to someone else who apologised profusely and tells me that I will have my modem in 2 days on the 17th of December. As a sweetener they were going to offer me 3 months of free service and 6 months at 1/2 price.

    How nice of them.

    The 17th comes and goes and guess what? Yep, you're right, no modem is delivered. I call them at 1pm to enquire the whereabouts, "sorry Sir, we don't know where it is, we'll call you later to advise you when you can expect it".

    I did get an SMS from them asking me to call them. The SMS is time stamped at 9.04PM Thursday night.

    When I called again on Friday to ask where this elusive modem was I was assured by the supervisor that he would make it his personal responsibility to ensure that the modem would arrive to me on the 21st. To make up for me being "stuffed around" he added an additional 2 months of free service to the account.
    So, so far, we are at 5 months free and 6 months at half price.

    The 21st arrives and the 21st becomes the 22nd. I call them again to ask where this modem was and the answer is.......... "sorry Sir, we don't know where it is, we'll call you later to advise you when you can expect it".

    How complicated could it possibly be for someone at Three to pick a modem that is IN STOCK off the shelf, put it in a box, call the courier company and despatch it, well it seems quite difficult.

    Ordered on the 7th and now 15 days later and I still don't have a modem.

    Their slogan, "It's good to be three"

    It's beyond belief that after 15 days, they still cannot manage to get a modem out to me.
  2. Does this mean you are looking for another telco?
  3. No, you've missed the point entirely. The "3" is how many times you get stuffed around before anything happens :LOL:.
  4. I wouldn't go with 3 for anything.
  5. When it comes to value for money they are brilliant but **** me their service is ****en atrocious
  6. Just keep racking up the free months mate.
  7. Ten bucks says the free months mysteriously "disappear" or fail to be delivered. :p
  8. ^^ Don't have $10 on me, I'll see your $10 and raise you a month's free service. :p
  9. i got mine from the shop, 2gb for free with my upgrade, never had a problem any which way, and last time i grumbled at them, was fixed pronto. Sorry Vic, you must of got some numpties.
  10. courier delivered or regular post? it could have got lost in the christmas buzz, a lot of post does.
  11. Lilley, It is courier shipped, I've confirmed with them each time that they have failed to dispatch it.
  12. It’s a conspiracy. They’ll just keep on delaying the modems delivery until you cancel the contract and then won’t have to give you the free and ½ months deal. Then it will take months to get your money back while they gain a benefit from your misery.](*,)
  13. Just go into a 3 store and grab one, show them a copy of your invoice.
  14. I've been with 3 for some years now because their price for mobile plans is fantastic. But their customer service lines are abysmal. It takes a special effort to rise above the numerous sub-standard call centres available to customers but 3 excels in this arena and makes the banks look almost professional by comparison.

    My only advice for you Vic would be to document precisely each of your conversations, name of the operator, exact time your call started and concluded, the agreements 3 have offered to you, etc.

    My phone contract expired almost a year ago now and ordinarily I would have signed up again straight away however until their customer service system improves markedly I'm going to retain the option to tell them to go to hell should they fail me significantly in the future.

    As for internet, iinet have been exceptional in their service to me and I can't recommend them enough.
  15. +1. My friend was told a similar tale from a customer service guy from Telstra as they'd done something wrong with their billing and my friend couldn't pay the bill because he didn't have an account number to pay. He was told he'd get a free wireless cable modem and 6 months half price due to the inconvenience. They were all lies. That 'promise' was never logged on the system.
  16. Once I actually GET the ****en thing then they can try to break the promises that they have made. In 3 days it will be a month since the order was placed and I still don't have a modem