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It's good that they have considered motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lui, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Noticed this sign at a Mccas drive through.

  2. not horse and cart? :(

    what about a motorised bicycle?

  3. I guess they can be ignored since non of them are road registered.
  4. I'm assuming that sign is meant to stop the likes of:

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  5. can we filter at drive thru's? They would need to give the order high priority
  6. They would just send you to a waiting bay...
  7. and they don't make you remove your helmet
  8. Bakery Hill??! Aren't there speed humps in that drive thru though?
  9. Correct =D>.
    Never use drive-thrus myself so no idea whether it has, or had, speedhumps. Is defintely where the photo was taken though.
  10. ive been through the drie thru a few times on the scooter, they are made for that kind of thing, the under seat storage keeps the food hot for the trip home :) and being a scooter and squiding it you can drink the drinks on the way home if your wearing your open facer!
  11. Oi! You'all better stop picking on mai girlfriend yo! She's just vertically challenged!

    In other news... :shock: I thought that kind of unhealthy stuff only happened in the States!
  12. That signs been up at our local kfc for as long as I can remember.
    Just remembered my nephew has had this fantasy of ordering food at the mcdonalds drive thru in a car made out of cardboard flinstones style so I think I will give him a hand and get the idea moving. All four of us in motorbike helmets too.
  13. Don't forget the electromagnet to trip the sensor ;)