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Its gonna be a bad day.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Well I guess it was bound to happen. I take the Spada out from the carport this morning, put it on the side stand and turn around to close the carport. I turn back around just in time to see my baby fall on her right side. Luckilly the RH mirror took the brunt and snapped off. The only other damage is a small scratch on the exhaust. So if anyone out there in Netrider land has a spare RH Spada mirror they're looking to sell let me know.


  2. sorry to hear that :(

    If its any consolation, my bike has been trapped in its space by cars... youd think it woudlnt be hard to give a couple of inches so i coudlget in and out....
  3. bummer, that sucks :cry:

    Cheers :cool:
  4. Better dropping it in the drive-way than on the road mate, and the bikes not truly yours until you've left your mark..
  5. I guess Banshee is truly mine, then...

    I've dropped her 3 times, once with no damage at all (other than a sore knee on my part).

    Other than that, whoever owned her last left a big bl**dy mark. :evil: Broken rocker, damaged cam....

    I learned my lesson.
  6. serves you right for not using your right to park on the footpath you weirdo kid. :p
  7. er its northcote... id rather take my chances in the staff carpark, where there are security cameras.
    Its not like I park in a car space or anything.
  8. If they're not going to give you easy access anywhere else, you probably should take a car space. :wink:

    The Principal at my school lets us park under cover on the path outside her office. :p :grin:

    Of course, it does mean she knows what time we leave. :(
  9. Aftermarket mirrors for the Spada are all of about $20 :)

    I've snapped off a few.
  10. Great. Ill head down to my local bike store tonight and get some. All the wreckers i rang didn't have any originals or said that aftermarket would be cheaper. Cheers.
  11. Where is am is the spot the other bikes park in :(
    Its undercover, the only down side is my bike gets covered in sawdust.
    the dumb thing is, one of the cars who blocks me in si owned by the guy from the tech office who rides a viffer... I told him today in no uncertian terms that if he does it again ill have no hesitation to scratch his stupid car trying to get out
    yeah im a little moody today :LOL:

    bassplayer... glad its going to be a cheap fix :)
  12. Speaking of bad days, there is another scuff on the side of my bike that I missed at nighttime after Egiste got clumsy :evil: :evil:

    Revenge is set. I've mopped the kitchen floor again. :twisted: :twisted: :LOL:
  13. shaving cream?
  14. You two are getting me a little concerned. Ever seen the 'Odd Couple' :p
  15. Then you need to modify your signature.... :LOL: :LOL: