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It's going to rain tonight, no coffee for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Hey all, you must be nutts going to coffee night, it is going to rain tonight..... You are going to get allllll wet while we enjoy a wonderful ride this weekend...... :p 8) :LOL:

  2. I know... but I am entertaining though
  3. I will... Hell, I rode during Elninyo in the US where it rained for 3 moinths NON STOP.... Ride from SAn Diego to San FRan, about Melb to Newcastle in HEAVY RAIN and was still happy.. Cold, but happy.

    Also, picking up a full rain suit tomorrow morning for $120.

  4. I cant get on the bike tonight, so the girls are going to sexpo.

    For research purposes only, of course :wink:
  5. 6:53 - rain about 40k west of Ballarat...flee coffee goers before it's too late....(secretly wishing I was there)
  6. 20:40
    it is REALLY peeing down here at Bayside....
    you sure you fellas ain't gunna get wet???? :shock:
  7. Yep bucketting down at Werribee. Think I'll fire up the espresso machine and sit out in the back yard with my wet weather gear on in support of the coffee crew!
  8. Gr8 , im starting to get tired of riding home from work at night in the rain . I hope she has the jug on when i get there.
  9. For your sake Dave, I hope shes got her jugs on as well.........

    errrrr.......did I just muck that up?
  10. Decided against sitting in the backyard (way to wet). Will take it out to the garage and sit next to the bike.
  11. I hope so to vic , theres nothing better than ummm errr u know , when its raining . Bugger just forgot , i cant tonight , i taped the simpsons. She will have to wait.
  12. Well, coffee goers are going to be a miserable lot... I attended, left early but STILL got very bloody wet... just finished hanging up all my (NON-wet weather gear, since I don't have any) to dry/drip/etc...
  13. your all big blouses :LOL:
    well the heavens opened up at 9pm
    And we got pissed on , road to work , cars stopping in the middle of the road , sheer hell on the roads , puddles everywhere , tram tracks like ice .
    get to work , thinking will dry out .
    power failers , poles down , no power , patients running everywhere , all dark except emergancy lighting and flash lights .
    hasnt been a good night at all.
  14. :shock: What rain?? I did attended coffee night and rode home assisted by a wall of water and followed by an old gentleman in a wooden boat of some sort that smelt of animal droppings!!
    I got fcukIN DROWNED :p :p :p :p
  15. Glen I hope your night gets better mate,you looked like hell before you went to work :)
  16. Oh cmon Andy.

    He always looks like that.

    The wind changed when he was sucking a bowling ball through a straw :LOL:
  17. Hey Vic you're out of hibernation, now I'm ducking for cover! Welcome back!