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It's Goddie's Birthday!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Greydog, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Thought you could keep it from us???

    Happy Birthday @goddie. Hope you have a good day. A fuzzy jumper <hug> right back at you.
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  2. yes
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  3. Happy birthday mate (y) :peace: :dummy: :ROFLMAO: :beating: :alien: :wannabe-lawyer:
  4. Happy Birthday Goddie!
  5. Have a good birthday Goddie. And many many more. :)
  6. Happy 40th birthday Goddie! :)
  7. Happy Birthday and all the best to you!
  8. Happy Birthday Goddie :) :)

  9. Thank you guys n gals :) props yo @Greydog big fuzzy jumper hugs to you :) and @Starrygirl13 luv the balloons n cute teddy ;)
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  10. Happy Birthday Mate, Enjoy it,
  11. cheers Brian :) had some great tucker for lunch yesterday at Melba's my shout of course lol
  12. ??? Mate I wish :) , thanks Raj, havent seen you for ages , hope life treats you well :)
  13. A little belated, but I hope you had a joyful birthday!:)
  14. Happy belated birthday! *birthday hugs*
  15. Just logged in.

  16. Thank you sir :)
  17. I'm another late well wisher, but hope you had a great birthday :) :beer:
  18. Yeah, did it on FB!!!
    But have another birfdie wish anyway :)
  19. Cheers guys :D