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It's getting warm in Brisvegas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Owl PhD, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Trying to keep the bike looking nice for as long as possible so I try to park in the shade when I can. I have visions of high energy photons taking the molecules in the paint and the vinyl apart one by one, so I am experimenting with some mylar space blanket stuff. Holding it down with a half dozen oversize pegs. If it passes the driveway test I'll try it down at the beach for a day.

    IMG_0244.JPG IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0246.JPG
  2. Applause.

    (Work that out for yourself!)

    Seriously, if it can all be quickly folded up into a fairly small package, it's a great idea, it's going to be the time to fit and the time to store that will make or break the idea.
  3. Agree with Crazycam - it needs to be quick and easy.
    Some more product testing for you:
    - will it stay put in windy conditions?
    - can you attach it to a hot (just-ridden) motorcycle or do you have to wait for it to cool down?

    Alternately, you can lobby for footpath parking so you can find a nice spot in the shade ;)
  4. BTW, what I found most annoying when my bike was parked in the sun was the burning bum feeling when I sat on it.

    So, at various times, I have had bike seats recovered, usually in yellow..... seemed to work for me.

    Blue Honda Hornet, yellow seat (and wheels), blue Honda Z50, yellow seat, and finally black Striple, with gold forks and yellow seat.
  5. Ummm you do realize that you can buy bike covers with silver coated outer sides...

    to keep the UV off your bike...

    in places like where you buy bike stuff...

    you know...

    Bike Shops or Online...
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  6. Your blanket may keep your seat cooler which is good but I would be more worried about the blanket rubbing the paint of when the wind blows. A proper bike cover or a small carport would be better.
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  7. Oh, aye, and another BTW......
    I note the large black top box.

    I have done some experiments with a slightly smaller black top box and found that, if you want, for the sake of example, a cool can of beer after the bike has been parked for some time, a small, six-pack eskey, surrounded by lots of bubble wrap, in the top box can work acceptably well.
  8. Trouble with bike covers is that if you put them on a just-ridden bike they are inclined to melt and stick to the exhaust and other hot parts.
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  9. #9 Mr Owl PhD, Dec 10, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
    OK to be more clear on how I intend to use this it was mainly to stop the seat getting extremely hot when I leave the bike parked and also the tank gets too hot to touch which bothers me somewhat.

    The point is that it weighs a couple of ounces and is tiny, not meant to replace home bike cover, it's a portable sun shade. I was worried that although it comes in a tiny package that it would be difficult to fold up. I've just tested that and as you can see from the photo below it folds up pretty well, so it's easily a back pocket or under the seat job. I used 6 oversized plastic pegs, prolly room for more innovation there.

    In the driveway with some blustery wind it was fine so I'll be giving it a field test of half a day by the seaside soon. It did not tear but I'll see how it holds up under more stress. I have it folded in half on my bike so it's pretty large.

    Seat and tank stayed remarkably cool. Regarding exhausts, I haven't tested that yet, just painted my header pipes so I'm not too keen on seeing if it will stick to them.

    I've just tested it in boiling water and it did not react at all so I'd think it would not melt on the engine. Cost was $10 for 4 large size sheets with delivery got this from Oz appears to be cheaper Chinese ones available.

    If it tears the tear will run so it could get shredded in a gale. This is not meant to replace a bike cover it's just something light, cheap and meant to keep your seat and tank from melting in the sun.

    Anyway, that's what I'll be using for a day at the beach this summer. I'll see how it works in practice.

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  10. All this effort for a GS500......

    And this guy has a PhD.....
    Formal education at its very best....
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  11. I can understand why you might want to stop the sun from warming your seat up so that it doesnt burn your arse. I sometimes use my jacket or even my helmet to do this if I park in the sun and am within spitting distance of the bike.

    Regarding using a cover to protect the bikes paint finish though, what protects it while you are riding?

    Also if you are going to use something like this, I would also make sure the switch gear on the bars are covered as that is one place where a bike can show its age due to sun fading and breaking down the plastic.
  12. Dude ... the tinfoil goes on your head .. that stops the photons from transmitting to the paint.

    Heck, everyone knows that.
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  13. I'm inclined to agree that a cover like that is going to melt into the bike in the heat.

    My advice, keep it polished, smooth shiny paint will resist heat and UV for longer.
    Put a dead sheep on the seat, protects the seat and is kinder on your butt when you sit on it.
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  14. I solved my problem heat at least.

    I work in the fortitude valley and a motorcycle park came up for grabs under our building. $80 a month..........sweet, I'll have me some of that.
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  15. Woof, $80 a month for a motorcycle park? I guess I'm lucky at Kedron to have dedicated motorcycle front and centre for free.

    I had to drop some papers to Newstead yesterday, that was traumatic enough for me!
  16. Well so far today it stayed on fine and kept as cool as it would be in shade. Also I tested it directly on a hot header and it does not melt or even shrink, also some shine left the gold side as it went a bit matt, but the silver stayed shiny.

    I might see about covering the switches as suggested.

    Sounds good about the shiny paint but there's no physics there to support that. If you can see colour then that means photons are being absorbed. But I suppose it's a matter of the invisible UV radiation which could be filtered by varnish, whether it is or not I do not know.

    P.S, someone seems to have shoved a Santa hat in my eye. Ouch!
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  17. OK, tested in the real world. 30 minute ride into the city and put the cover on with 6 pegs immediately, I held it onto the engine fins too, it doesn't melt or any other nasty stuff. Came back to a nice cool bike.

    IMG_3715.JPG IMG_3716.JPG
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  18. Congratulations....... :)
  19. Good on ya for having a go. So now how about making a similar cover for your jacket (& helmet).... Might drop the temperature a degree or two while riding, not to mention the outstanding increase in visibility.
  20. Now just wait for someone to steal it I guess
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