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It's funny because it happened to someone else

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. You may have already seen this on news.com.au, but if you haven't, read and giggle

    $60,000 company car goes for swim

    "AMAZNG" read the number plate on the gleaming black, near-new Holden Calais.

    But it was more shock than amazement for hapless owner Steve Jones yesterday when he reversed the $60,000 company car off the edge of a Gold Coast boat ramp and watched it sink within seconds with him still at the wheel.

    He had to be rescued from the stricken vehicle and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

    The car was later towed from the water with what seemed like half the Coomera River inside.

    Mr Jones, a Sydney mortgage broker, was holidaying on the Gold Coast and was planning a morning's jet-skiing with brother-in-law Brad Harris.

    The Sydneysider was reversing the ski's trailer off the Coombabah boat ramp when things went awry.

    "We'd gotten the ski off and was looking the other way when I heard Steve screaming for help," Mr Harris said. "I turned around and the car was going sideways.

    "She was gone in seconds. It was not a good day mate."

    Mr Harris said his brother-in-law was panicking and it was fortunate the electric doors had not locked.

    He managed to free Mr Jones, 52, who was treated for shock.

    Embarrassed after the ordeal, Mr Jones covered his head with a towel and refused to talk to the media.

    Mr Harris said he had never used the boat ramp before and would not be using it again.

    The car sat in 5m of water for several hours before salvage diver Shane Whittaker arrived to attach a tow rope.

    "It's enough to break your heart," Mr Whittaker remarked sadly as the car was towed out of the river, water gushing from its doors and windows.

    The car was insured but is likely to be a write-off.
  2. "The car was insured but is likely to be a write-off"

    No Sh1t!!!

    Like the Landcruiser with boat trailer that was "Stolen" out here near the dam. Found by a Skier 3 years later after he found he could stand up where he thought the water was much deeper :shock: Apparently the handbrake failed and the 4X thought it was the Red October :p The scary thing was nobody saw this happen..... (cue twilight zone music)